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Gamers know that gaming is serious business. Whether you are fragging your enemies in Halo or Call of Duty, working on your pro-rated 150 APM in Starcraft II, or slaying internet beasts in World of Warcraft, gamers know that their hands will be occupied. Ultimate pwnage requires a gamer’s full attention but a simple truth of life is, everyone needs to eat and drink!

Plenty of companies already know this. A ton of products are aimed directly at that lucrative gamer demographic, including gamer snacks and gamer energy drinks. The point that everyone seems to miss is that eating and drinking requires your hands, which is a precious commodity for the serious gamer! Beer hats and straws already work wonders for drinks, but what about hands-free food? Some industrious gamers have been working on a solution, and they have a hilarious prototype they want to show off!

Mattessons are a processed-meat manufacturer in the UK who produce a meat based snack called Fridge Raiders. They call Fridge Raiders the “ultimate snack for gamers”. Their YouTube channel has been striving to make the “ultimate hands-free snacking and gaming device” with help from the Syndicate Project for some time now.

Hundreds of gamers have submitted their ideas and one of their fan designs resulted in the MMM3000 Robotic Arm Prototype MK II. We’re not sure what happened to the MK I but for the MK II, the Syndicate Project wanted more power so the Fridge Raiders team delivered! With added clap activation!

Things start off pretty smoothly. The robotic arm picks up the cheese snack nice and delicately, and positions itself perfectly, ready for mouth delivery.

gamersnack 2

From there, things go a little screwy and starts attacking its owner’s face…

▼OH, GAWD!! *Clap clap* *Clap clap*

gamersnack 1

Uh….maybe they should go back to the drawing board for the MK III. You won’t be fragging anybody with a face injury like that!

Fridge Raiders are still accepting ideas from their viewers, so if you have a suggestion for a design improvement, be sure to submit them! Or if you’re curious about what else they’ve made, be sure to check out their YouTube page!

Source: Daily News Agency
Images: YouTube (mattessons)