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Even though Dragon Quest has been one of Japan’s most popular video game franchises since its start in 1986, it doesn’t really have an iconic hero. Like many long-running role-playing game series, each installment brings in a fresh cast of characters, and despite the name, Dragon Quest doesn’t have an instantly recognizable recurring dragon, either.

Instead, the face of the franchise is the lowly slime, ordinarily the very first enemy the player encounters. The monster shows up in each and every Dragon Quest game, and now, it’s ready to show up in your kitchen, too, with this wobbling slime drinking glass.

The 1,030-yen (US $10.10) glass is being sold here through publisher Square Enix’s online store. Preorders are being taken now, with deliveries expected to reach buyers at the end of July or in August.

There are two ingenious design points to the slime glass. First, its rounded bottom allows it to list back and forth without toppling over, bringing to mind the gooey physics of its gelatinous body.

▼ Like the Weebles, slimes wobble but they don’t fall down.

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Second, the clear glass solves one of the most difficult problems faced by slime fans. Each game contains multiple versions of the monster, each with a different color denoting its unique strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics.

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Usually when buying slime merchandise, fans have to make an excruciating choice as to which one to buy. The slime glass sidesteps this problem, though, by being clear. Want a different color slime? Just pour yourself a different color drink.

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Just remember, though. No matter how many hours of play time you’ve spent looking for the elusive steel grey metal slime, the only experience you’ll gain from adding lead shavings to your milk will be a couple of days in the hospital.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Square Enix
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