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What’s popular in Japan? You probably wouldn’t be able to guess. Take Nameko for example. They are mushroom characters that are actually quite cute, but you end up not being able to look at real mushrooms the same again. There are also Mameshiba which are a series of bean characters meant to look like dogs. One of the biggest crazes sweeping the nation right now is Funassyi: a mascot character based on a pear that jumps, wiggles and screams. The Japanese love it!

So it’s really no surprise that a giant isopod cell phone case was made, completely sold out, gained a cult following and people demanded more of them. The prayers of those die-hard fans have been answered and the giant isopod iPhone case has returned and better yet, it now comes in a stunning gold color!

We brought you news of this monstrosity of a cell phone case back in April. It took a whopping 7,380 yen (US$72.40) to make but was sold for only 3,000 yen ($29.40). Of the 1,000 cases that were made, astonishingly, all of them were purchased. Which means one thousand people looked at the case and thought, “Yup…I need this!”

▼The original case. Deterring cell phone thieves since 2014.

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In fact, there were people at the event that weren’t able to talk down their rational side fast enough to buy one before they sold out. Their bitter cries of consumerism defeat were bolstered by other people interested in protecting their cell phones with isopod armor. So many people requested a case that there was nothing to do but bring them back!!!

This second production comes with two major announcements. Firstly, those thousand people who bought the original boring old isopod colored case, get ready to sigh in disappointment. This time around the cases come in GOLD, not just normal boring gold, Deep Sea Gold! And as the iPhone 5S proved, everyone loves gold. Secondly, you can order your shiny new case off the internet! No need to put any pants on!  Their website is only in Japanese, but that’s what Google Translate is for, right???


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Show your love for giant isopods and your iPhone! The price this time around is 13,824 yen (US$135.60) – that’s 10,824 yen ($106) more than the price of the first round of cases – and each one will be crafted when you order it. They are taking orders now for both versions and will begin shipping them out sequentially from the end of August.

▼“Hello? Hello? Sorry, I can’t really hear you. There appears to be a giant aquatic bug on my face.”

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Images: RocketNews24
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