With summer kicking into full gear, it’s time to shed as many layers as possible to stay ahead of the heat. This leads to a lot of fashion dilemmas though, such as keeping your feet cool. Barefoot seems to be the obvious choice, but you all know how it is when you’re just about to strap on some sandals and you suddenly get a call to meet with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Itsuro Terada.

It’s just these kinds of everyday annoyances that we assume footware brand Erimaki Sox is addressing when they came up with Shirt-Type Socks: socks that button up and have snazzy collars.

At first glance, Shirt-Type Socks seem like a bold fashion statement by turning your ankles into little necks. That certainly is a lot of their charm, and Erimaki Sox are also selling little bowtie and tassel anklets to help complete the effect when you really want to put on the ritz.

Anyone who loves coordinating should also enjoy the wide range of patterns available. Oh, and don’t worry guys. Shirt-Type Socks are unisex!

Once you get over the novelty style of these socks, there are actually a lot practical benefits to them as well. The button-up tops look far more breathable than other socks keeping your feet cooler in the summer months. In addition the buttons and collar keeps the socks securely in place with minimal bunching up.

Shirt-Type Socks will run you 3,000 yen (US$30) which is rather expensive for socks, but on the other hand fairly reasonable for shirts. The accessories cost 3,000 yen (US$30) and 4,000 yen (US$39) for the bowtie and tassels respectively. If you’re the type who likes making a fashion statement from head to toe or just looking for anyway to cool your feet but stay classy, you may want to give Shirt-Type Shoes a shot.

Source: Erimaki Sox (Japanese)
Original article by Anji Tabata


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