Sailor 2

Now, I firmly believe that art in all forms makes the world a richer place. And since there are as many styles of art as there are artists, you can imagine how interesting it would be if a whole bunch of artists got together to create a single animated video using illustrations in each of their unique styles —  which is exactly what happened when over 250 artists provided artwork to reanimate an entire episode of Sailor Moon. The result? A full-length parody episode titled Moon Animate Make-Up that visually looks so hilarious, we just had to share it with you!

▼As explained in the beginning of the video, Moon Animate Make Up was started as a group project in October last year and took 10 months to complete.Sailor 1

▼The video does contain shots of Sailor Moon looking like her usual self, but since this is supposed to be a parody showcasing the styles of various artists at their most extreme …Sailor 22

▼… more often than not, she is seen with a very “different” appearance, like a pop poster, in this case.Sailor 15

▼Or in this scene, it seems like she even has a bit of a “Disney” look.Sailor 9

▼And a lot of the time, she looks … well, we don’t know how you would describe her looks in these shots, but certainly not like an ordinary anime heroine!Sailor 19

Sailor 30

▼The same can be said of the other sailor soldiers. In some scenes they look quite normal …Sailor 8

▼… or even wide-eyed and cute.Sailor 23

▼But other times they look downright silly.
Sailor 17
▼At one point, they even look like characters out of Bob’s Burgers.
Sailor 21

▼Errr… what can we say? They’re also seen sporting the macho, muscular look.Sailor 7

▼Of course we have to have the villains appear too. They too look quite ordinary in some scenes, like Queen Beryl does here.
Sailor 5

▼And her loyal subject Malachite even looks devilishly handsome in this shot.Sailor 28

▼But see what he looks like in another scene! Sailor 29

▼The guardian cate Luna and Artemis also make an appearance, sometimes looking quite serious and dramatic ….Sailor 12

▼… and other times looking , well, not so serious.Sailor 13

▼And of course, we have to have exciting battle scenes too! Here’s Sailor Mars showing off her fiery powers.Sailor 24

▼And here we have Sailor Moon performing her Moon Healing Activation with her wand, after which all seems to end well.Sailor 25

▼At the end, it also mentions that the video is based on one of the actual episodes from the original anime. Is Sailor Moon really about to have a falling out with the other Sailor Scouts, as the title “Fractious Friends” suggests?Sailor 27

▼And here’s the video of the entire episode! It’s 23 minutes long, but the time will fly by just looking at the different art styles, although we have to say many of them are more funny than pretty.

So what did you think? Some original artwork there, wouldn’t you say? But one thing’s for sure. The video is a product of love with many, many hours of work behind it. That said, though, we have a feeling that the more than 250 artists who contributed to the project had a great time working on it. A huge bravo and thanks to all of them for entertaining us with such a uniquely humorous piece of animation!

Source: YouTube (Moon Animate Make-Up!) via Kotaku Japan (Japanese)
All images: YouTube (Moon Animate Make-Up!)