Fourth and fifth arcs of the ‘90s Sailor Moon TV anime are here to jog your memory before the newest theatrical features.

There’s a new Sailor Moon anime movie, Sailor Moon Cosmos, coming soon, and the darkly dramatic preview videos and all-star additions to the voice cast show that it’s something to get excited about. At the same time, for some fans, it’s also something to be confused about.

Sailor Moon Cosmos is, essentially, the fifth part of the franchise’s Sailor Moon Crystal remake, coming two years after the preceding Sailor Moon Eternal movies. Cosmos is also an adaptation of the original manga’s Stars arc, which started publication in 1996 and was adapted into the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars portion of the Sailor Moon ‘90s TV anime that same year. In other words, depending on how exactly you’ve been consuming the series, Cosmos may be coming years, or even decades, since the last time you saw/read the story so far, and so you might find yourself needing a refresher on what exactly is going on with Sailor Moon and her fellow Senshi as Cosmos opens.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to that problem, as Sailor Moon SuperS, the portion of the ‘90s anime that comes just before Sailor Stars, is now free to watch on YouTube, and soon Sailor Stars will be too.

▼ Sailor Moon SuperS Episode 1

The generous gesture comes from Toei, which is putting the series on its Toei Animation Museum channel. The first Sailor Moon SuperS (essentially season four of the ‘90s Sailor Moon) episode went up on March 27, and a new episode will be added every day.

▼ Understanding the importance of proper pacing, the first episode of SuperS only waits three minutes and 24 seconds after the opening theme before giving Sailor Jupiter screen time.

Sailor Stars will be also be following a one-new-episode-a-day format, with the first going up on May 5. With a total of 34 Sailor Stars episodes, that means the entire arc won’t be available by the time Cosmos premiers on June 9. That’s no doubt by design, though, since Cosmos is being released in two parts, with the second hitting theaters on June 30.

While the Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Stars episodes are free to watch, they won’t be eternal, as each will be viewable for two weeks after it’s posted to the Toei Animation Museum channel here.

Source: Press release
Images: YouTube/東映アニメーションミュージアムチャンネル
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