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Your mother probably scolded you for playing with your food at the dinner table, but here’s one of the few times you’ll be able to get away with it! Introducing transforming sushi toys from Takara Tomy. Now, instead of playing with a floppy piece of asparagus (how’s that supposed to stand up to the forces of evil anyway?), you can play with these pieces of super robot fighting sushi. Just don’t try to take a bite out of them!

Takara Tomy is well known for making the Transformer toys a reality. This time they are taking their transforming skills and applying them to everyone’s favorite Japanese food: sushi! There were images and first run prototypes of these bad boys (or good boys as it may be) back in June, but now we are getting a good look at the Schallyders and are pretty excited with the results!

Schallyder Toromaru

sushi toy 3

Schallyder Eibis

sushi toy 6

Schallyder Tamakichi

sushi toy 19

Schallyder Benni

sushi toy 11

Schallyder Sabyne

sushi toy 14

What an amazing product Tomy Takara has made! They turned something we love into something else we love! If ninjas and sushi weren’t your thing, maybe transforming robot sushi will catch your fancy. Taking a look at their English website, some of the story material they came up with is so bad…it’s good! It reminds us of our favorite sentai/Power Ranger shows!

They even have their own opening theme song

As with all good toys, these characters have riveting back stories and they all have their own reason for fighting for the good of sushi-kind. The leader, Toromaru, is searching for his lost brother, while the hard-ass Tamakichi has the “milk of human kindness running in his veins.” The female of the group is a warrior, brainiac and magician and for some reason only one of the gang leaders knows her real name. What are the juicy story details behind that fish fillet?

Transforming action! With a simple push, your ordinary nigiri becomes a super hero!

sushi combo 1

sushi combo 2

sushi combo 3

sushi combo 4

sushi combo 5

What villains would possibly want to challenge these fishy heroes? Why the Makizushi Temakids, of course!

sushi combo 6

But even beyond their power to transform from delicious sushi to ultimate fighting machine, each Schallyder comes with a Battle Dish, that really puts a new spin on the classic Rock, Scissors, Paper game.

These fighting robot sushi are already available for purchase online from the bigbadtoystore online retailer, but a Japan release date has yet to be decided. This product is so popular that some of the heroes have been sold out for a while! If you are anything like us, we are anxiously waiting for them to come back in stock!

Source: Art Database
Images: Takara Tomy (edited by RocketNews24)