Japanese Twitter all abuzz over this weird Frozen watch that transforms into a robot

I mean, we love Transformers as much as the next guy… but why does this exist?!

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Hatsune Miku transforming race car robot is actually pretty awesome

Thought the market was already oversaturated with Miku products? Think again! Good Smile Company is here with something that was still missing – a Hatsune Miku-inspired transforming race car robot!

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More than meets the eye, sushi in disguise! Check out these transforming sushi toys!

Your mother probably scolded you for playing with your food at the dinner table, but here’s one of the few times you’ll be able to get away with it! Introducing transforming sushi toys from Takara Tomy. Now, instead of playing with a floppy piece of asparagus (how’s that supposed to stand up to the forces of evil anyway?), you can play with these pieces of super robot fighting sushi. Just don’t try to take a bite out of them!

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Chinese Man Creates Life Sized Transformer by Himself

Home of the independently created floating bed and doomsday escape pod, China has become a hotbed of DIY inventors making their dreams come true.  Such is the case for a resident of Jinan who, since watching Transformers 4 years ago, has been creating his very own.

After spending 70,000 yuan (US$11,000) and 6 months he was ready to unveil this robotic wonder. He sure looks proud. Let’s see it!

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