I’m not really the most organized person around; my desk looks like someone who hates me with a dark passion sneaks in every night just to sweep papers around and knock stuff over. So I’ve never really had much interest in or need for one of those little random odds-and-ends plates to hold trinkets (the floor does a pretty good job of that, for me).

But, if you are an organized person, have a lot of trinkets or just like having cool stuff around to decorate with, you’re probably going to love these awesome dishes that can be molded into any shape your heart desires and returned to their original state over and over again.


These Suzugami dishes are made from aluminum that’s stretched thin by pounding it out with a hammer. The result is a perfectly flat, perfectly square sheet that’s pliable to the touch but just tough enough to retain its shape provided the dog doesn’t get to it.

With a specially included, artsy rolling pin, you can reset the dish back to its original dimensions and start all over again sculpting it to fit whatever you want to put inside.



The uses of the Suzugami dishes are practically endless. You can use them for burning incense, to hold jewelry or pens and other office supplies, or even as drink coasters or modern serving dishes for small food items like Japanese sweets.


What’s more, the Suzugami come in a number of different sizes from XS to XL, so you don’t have to Voltron a bunch of them together yourself if what you want them to hold ends up too big for the standard size. You can find them available for sale at the Japaaan Store here (which, alas, does not seem to have English language support at time of writing).

Source and photos: Japaaan Store