How many rare coins are in our pile of 100,000 one-yen coins?

One-in-100,000 to find a rare coin seem like reasonable odds.

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Otaku nearing death can have anime collections appraised by Japanese company before they pass on

Living Appraisal service helps family decide what to do with all the Blu-rays, figures, and plushies that departed otaku can’t take with them.

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Japanese TV show guest finds heirloom tea bowl is one of only four pieces like it in the world

Centuries-old ceramic vessel could be worth as much as 1.6 billion yen (US$13.7 million).

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Chinese woman removes her bra in public at a luxury appraisal event in Beijing

As reported by China Youth Daily and Shanghaiist, during another typical day in Beijing, a woman whipped off her bra and handed it to a man in public. Wait, what??

You might think that this kind of erratic behavior means she was participating in some kind of women’s rights demonstration, or felt like getting a super early head start protesting the next World Cup like these other Chinese women did earlier this summer. But actually, the real purpose for her ‘liberation’ was for a completely unrelated reason–to prove that she was indeed the owner of a luxury item.

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