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I get a twinge of excitement every time I peer into the cooler case at the grocery store in Japan. Not only are there tons of unique, tempting flavors of ice cream and popsicles, you can also find all sorts of tasty frozen entrees, too. The most common are things like dumplings and meatballs, but one Twitter user in Japan recently found something even more substantial, if a little sad to take in: a whole pig wrapped in plastic.

Fish plays an extremely large role in the Japanese diet, but there’re plenty of commonly eaten dishes that call for pork, including favorites such as tonkatsu cutlets, nabe hotpot, and shogayaki ginger pork. Versatile as it may be, though, most people are content to buy their pork in individual packs of pre-sliced meat.

One grocery store, however, believes some customers would prefer to purchase their pork in bulk, and is happy to oblige by shrink-wrapping and slapping a price tag on a piglet.

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The snapshot was shared through the Twitter account Wadai Tweet. Unfortunately, there’s nothing identifying the name of the store, so those who find the picture more enticing than shocking are still in the dark over where they can get theirs.

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What we do know is that would-be hog buyers will need to bring plenty of cash, as the piglet is priced at 30,000 yen (US$297). Is this a good price for a piglet? Honestly, we’ve got no idea. Like we said, this is a pretty unusual offering. We’ve never seen one before in a Japanese supermarket, and to be honest, we’re not entirely sure we ever need to see one again.

Source, images: Twitter