Over the last few years, Tokyo Game Show has become increasingly focused on mobile gaming. This year’s show is one of the smallest to date, with noticeably fewer booths and even big-name publishers seeming almost reluctant to make too much of a fuss of their triple-A titles.

But it’s not just Gree et al pushing mobile gaming in Japan. Console maker Sony, too, is getting in on the action by putting the spotlight on its own smartphone line while doing all it can to show that mobile and traditional console gaming needn’t be completely separate entities, with the company setting up two enormous Xperia booths opposite its PlayStation area at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

As well as hooking up a number of Xperia Z3 smartphones to PlayStation 4 consoles in an effort to flaunt the phone’s PlayStation 4 remote play capabilities, Sony has an entire stand at TGS dedicated to Final Fantasy: World Wide Words, a smartphone-only title, complete with a booth companion dressed to look like Tifa Lockhart.


Further down the line, equally attractive booth attendants are on hand to talk up merits of the newest model of Xperia.

▼ The Xperia booth girls all have Xperia “tattoos” just above their below their bows.


▼ Remember, kids: Xperia



▼ And it seems to be working!


Next door, PlayStation 4 consoles are tethered to Xperia smartphones, with the girls walking attendees through the remote play setup.



Whether smartphone connectivity is enough to convince Japan to actually buy PlayStation 4s remains to be seen. Either way, Sony certainly looks to be gearing up for an enormous smartphone push in the coming months.

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