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Naomi Osaka becomes shojo manga star for new series set in outer space

Professional tennis player set to be the newest heroine in Japan’s biggest girls’ comic magazine.

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What if One Piece was a girls’ comic? Shojo manga artist produces character redesign【Pics】

Yoko Maki comes out of retirement to reimagine Luffy as the only boy at an all-girls high school.

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Are shonen manga anthologies moving away from their traditional “boy-centered” content?

Almost half the titles published in a recent Shonen Magazine issue are considered “romantic comedies”, which made netizens wonder.

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Japanese women tell how they like to be hugged in survey of girls’ manga readers

Survey showcases squeeze strategies and scenarios.

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Do women who love manga have a harder time finding real-life romance?

Survey finds a big gap in the dating histories of women who enjoy Japanese girls’ comics and those who don’t.

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Manga artist says she’s found the reason why men won’t read comics written for women

More and more women are enjoying Japanese comics for men, but why do so many guys remain indifferent to shojo and josei manga?

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Japanese TV compares kissing, bathing, and slapping scenes in manga for girls vs. boys【Pics】

This may help explain why men and women never understand each other….

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Sailor Moon character outfits modeled on high-fashion designs【Pics】

Not only were these heroines and villains granted super powers — they were also given a haute wardrobe!

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Mop up your spring sniffles with Rose of Versailles-themed tissues (plus, merchandise range)

Blowing your nose doesn’t have to be boring! Take advantage of the hayfever season and soak up the snot with these cute, shojo-manga-themed tissues.

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The top 10 most common shojo manga scenarios, as picked by Japanese girls’ comic fans

In broad terms, the two largest categories of Japanese comics are shonen manga (“boys’ comics”) and shojo manga (“girls comics”). Among many fans, shonen manga have a stigma of relying on the same hackneyed storytelling patterns, over and over again. There’s generally a young male protagonist who sets out to become the strongest…something (ninja, mecha pilot, and even baker have all been done to great success). Along the way, he faces off against a series of powerful rivals, many of whom become the hero’s allies after he defeats them through a combination of newly discovered techniques and the power of determination.

Shojo series, the popular logic goes, are more sophisticated, with an emphasis on interpersonal conflict and dynamics in a setting closer to the real world. That’s not to say girls’ comics in Japan can’t be just as formulaic as their shonen counterparts, though, as emphasized by a poll of the top recurring tropes in shojo manga.

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The 30 most ‘romantic’ lines that women want to hear (well, according to the Japanese internet)

OK, ladies: imagine you’re taking a moonlit walk with the object of your affections. Or maybe you’re dining at a fancy restaurant with your dream date, or cuddling together on a blanket in a field with no one else in sight. All of a sudden, your crush leans in close, looks deeply into your eyes, and whispers, “You’re mine.” What do you do?

If you’re the type who would immediately blush and feel your heart beating at a quickened pace, you’ll probably enjoy the following list of 30 things women want to be told. The list has recently been circulating around Japanese social media sites recently, leaving sparkly, flower petal-filled puddles of shojo manga sappiness oozing in its wake. If, however, you’re of a slightly more cynical disposition, you should also enjoy the compilation, but instead for its value to induce a good chortle.

Don’t worry, because whichever type you are, we promise not to judge!

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Girls manga magazine celebrates 50 years with a freaking awesome cover

Bessatu Margaret, a spin-off of Margaret, a manga magazine for girls, is coming up on its 50th year of publication and the astounding cover of superstar characters for their special tribute has just seen the light of day. Featuring work by artists from Shonen Jump, Young Jump, and more, it’s a must-see for any manga fan!

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