In recent years, Japan seems to have been catching on to the whole Halloween thing in a big way. Halloween celebrations and festivals grow and grow year after year and they’re starting earlier in the year than ever before.

Case in point: Universal Studios Japan’s “Horror Night” program starts over a month before Halloween, which is earlier than even some of my more overzealous Halloween buff friends in America were asking for costume ideas on Facebook. Of course, getting started early on the Halloween spirit is never a bad thing; everybody loves the family-friendly adrenaline kick you get from being “soft scared” by horror events you know are just pretend.

The problem, apparently, is that Universal Studios – according to Japanese media – might be taking things a little too far.

According to Himajin Sokuhou – a writer for which went recently – Universal Studios Japan’s horror night is pretty damn horrific.

The writer provides photos (below) and describes babies crying at the sight of zombies, blood and guts and other horrors. The writer also astutely observes that this kind of thing could never take place at that other popular theme park near Tokyo…

Of course, counterbalancing the more horrific elements, there are also amusing zombie dance parties and other performances that look pretty fun and calming to watch if you’re feeling on the verge of a heart attack:

And, of course, it wouldn’t be USJ without a Resident Evil tie-in:

Honestly, though, while this may strike some Japanese Halloween newbies as frightening, all but one or two of these photos totally failed to make me pee my pants – the general barometer I use for scariness:

horror3 horror7 horror6 horro1 horror2 horror8 horror5 horror4

Source and photos: Himajin Sokuhou