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Here’s something to make “Not Sure if…” Fry’s head explode out of sheer confusion. It looks like there may or may not be a zombie epidemic spreading throughout Tokyo which affects only young, college-aged girls.

…Or it could be a strange, niche soft porn site for lonely Japanese lovers of horror and very cute girls.

While out hunting for the most hard-hitting stories – in other words, while casually surfing for weird Japan news from the comfort of our Cheeto-powder stained 70s-era recliners – we stumbled across what initially caused us some mild panic as a website appeared to feature a number of women who could easily be models succumbing to the ravages of a T-Virus-esque disease.

Our initial panic gradually gave way to the realization that, no, this was just a weird website catering to gentleman of, erm… obscure tastes, after we realized the site was called 毎日ゾン美人 (“Mainichi Zom-bijin“) – which, in addition to being roughly translated as “A Cute Zombie Girl a Day,” also contains a clever Japanese play on words.

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In reality, the site is – inexplicably – part of a promotional campaign for Japan’s Life Card credit card, which as far as we can tell, has as much to do with zombies and cute girls as anything else (which is to say, very little).

You can check out the almost comical number of transformations at their campaign website here, which does, in fairness, include a handful of zombie boys, too, but if you ask us, far scarier than the zombie makeup is the ridiculous acting in some of the site’s videos that would certainly make even George Romero, er… groan.

Source: LabaQ
Photos and Videos: Mainichi Zom-bijin