Well, this is probably the weirdest snippet of news from Japan that you’ll read about all week.

On Friday, a new Japanese website was unveiled which has the sole purpose of allowing net users to forcefully flick their fingers into the forehead of a cute girl (an admonishing action known as a dekopin in Japanese) and watch her exasperated reaction, all done virtually through the screen, of course. After all, hasn’t that always been on your bucket list?

The new website is called Dekopin Bijo, which literally translates to “flick a beauty in the forehead.” Strange as it sounds, that name makes perfect sense because, well, that’s exactly what you do.

If you’re having trouble imagining what a dekopin would look like in real life, give this clip from a Japanese variety show a watch:

Let’s see how the new website works, shall we?

The initial screen when you go to the website shows a moving, smiling video of a cute girl’s face.

▼ Yup, that’s some serious cuteness going on right there.


Move your cursor over her forehead, however, and she squeezes her eyes shut in anticipation.

▼ Eek, don’t do it!


Give a nice click as if to flick your finger at her, then watch her react in real-time.

▼ She might even let out an audible sigh of grief.


Once you’ve exhausted that routine for a while, don’t exit the site yet, because there are three other girls just waiting to be chastised by you!

▼ That one on the left is totally loving it.


▼ She’s saying “ow,” but that little smile says otherwise.


We’re not exactly sure what the underlying purpose of this site is supposed to be. Is it for stress relief? A form of retaliation against someone by its creator? Either way, the Japanese internet has truly outdone itself in terms of weirdness yet again!

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Dekopin Bijo