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Cats rule the Internet. Anyone who spends any time there knows that. Whatever situation you come across online, you are sure to find an appropriate, or inappropriate, response in the form of a cat meme. All cat owners know that this behavior of claiming everything to be their own isn’t a new phenomenon. Cats think “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.” If there is anything inside their living space (anywhere the light touches), it’s theirs. Never one to stop and ask permission, a cat just does what it wants!

In Japan, cat owners have been noticing that their cats really seem to like items bought from a particular store. Fortunately for the owners, that store is a handy place where you can buy 10 things for around $10. That’s right, it’s the 100 Yen Store!

The 100 Yen Store, or what Americans might call the Dollar Store, is one of the most fantastic places to shop in Japan. You can find so many different things there. However, the best thing about these stores is that the quality of the goods is actually not that bad. Especially considering you are only paying 110 yen (about US $0.95) for them!

Obviously, these stores have a pet section. You might think that these items would be torn to shreds the second your pet gets their grubby little paws and teeth on them, but they last for a surprisingly long time!

Played with so many times it’s had to be tied back together, but still going strong!

IMG_5627Image: RocketNews24

They also have some outerwear for pets. Obviously, cats and dogs have fur, which naturally protects them from the cold, but are they waterproof?

Is this even made for a cat? Does it really matter?

IMG_3159Image: RocketNews24

What’s really astonishing Japanese cat owners is how much their cats seem to like other products from the 100 Yen Store, products that usually have nothing to do with cats.


Box-cat is watching you


Squished, yet, satisfying! So much for using that for any food stuff. Baskets from the 100 Yen Store are also immediately claimed by our feline compatriots, and are comfortable enough for two cats to sleep in!

What else is catching their fancy…feast?

Is that fake grass over there…

OMG, yes it is! nom nom nom nom

Face roller iz fur cat?

According to @25buri25, a hair curler is better than any cat comb!

All these things at the easy price of about $1! Life couldn’t be better for cats, and after all, they would always rather play with the things that cost next to nothing than a cat tower that is closer to $100. Life lesson learned!

▼”It’s fine…fur meow.”

IMG_3363Image: RocketNews24

Source: Matome Naver
Top Image: Flickr (HoQ-10)