Monty is a four-year-old rescue cat who’s amassed fans from all over the world. He suffers from a rare chromosomal abnormality causing him to be born without a nasal bridge. And Monty’s owners are hoping their cat will show the world that ‘looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic!’

Join us after the jump for more adorable photos of this happy little chap!

▼ Hello!


Monty was adopted from a shelter in Copenhagen a year ago. Although his facial abnormality causes him to sneeze a lot, his owners say it doesn’t give him any difficulty breathing.

▼ You know what? He’s so cute, we’d probably let him sneeze on us, too.


▼ In fact, Monty looks like he might be just about to sneeze here!


▼ Nawww…monty4

Monty lives with his owners and two furry friends, “gentle giant” Malle and three-legged Mikkel. For Monty’s owners, it’s his shining personality that stands out: he is “as rare as a diamond!” they wrote in a recent Facebook post, explaining that “Monty shared a room with some of the other cats from the animal shelter and even though a few of them acted a little aggressive and lashed out at him, Monty continued to lay calm and quiet, uneager to pick a fight.”

▼ That is one cool cat.


▼ Someone is just asking to be put in a circle.


▼ Or a fluffy box! Yeah, this is better.


▼ Playing hide-and-seek!


▼ Sometimes more successfully than others.


▼ Catching some Z’s.



▼ With a personalised cushion of his own face. We’re thinking of getting Mr. Sato one for Christmas. Of Satosshi, of course.

▼ With Malle, who their owners nickname “the gentle giant”.monty24 ▼ Monty’s owners are even developing a Monty smartphone game.


▼ A loving family sandwich.


Monty has already amassed 50,000 Facebook fans and a merchandise range. We don’t think the fame will be going to his head though – his favourite thing, says his owners, is still “falling asleep on laps”. Nawwww…

Source: Facebook via Game Over
All images: Facebook