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Although I never met the man, Colonel Sanders doesn’t strike me as a hurried individual. Anybody who’s willing to add 11 different seasonings to his fried chicken can see the value in taking the time to appreciate the finer things in life. I like to imagine that rather than rush through his meals, the KFC founder would linger at the table, at least for a few minutes, and when his schedule allowed, for periods extending to “a spell.”

That’s why I think he’d approve of KFC opening its first full-fledged café this month in Japan.

November 28 is opening day for the Colonel’s Café at the Foresta Rokko shopping center, located in front of Kobe’s Rokkomichi Station. While the regular KFC lineup of fried chicken (and fried soup, should it ever return) will be available, the café will also offer some classy menu items you won’t find at any ordinary KFC.

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You can’t have a café without coffee, and customers will be able to enjoy French press made from freshly ground aged Guatemalan, Mexican, or Gayo Mountain beans, with prices starting at 450 yen (US $3.90). If you prefer your caffeine to come from tea, 400 yen ($3.45) will get you a pot of Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or Ceylon.

Assuming you didn’t spoil your appetite by devouring a whole bucket of Original Recipe, the lineup of 350-yen desserts consists of shortcake, New York cheesecake, Mont Blanc, and coffee gelatin, in case you need a double helping of joe. Step up the price ladder to 380 yen ($3.28) and you’ll find Japan’s reigning king of the café sweets scene: thick pancakes with vanilla ice cream.

Finally, until 10 in the morning, the Colonel’s Café serves toast for 200 yen ($1.73). Not exactly the most exciting culinary adventure, but still, something you can’t get at other KFCs.

In addition to its special menu, the café promises a soothing atmosphere, with wood grain tables, potted plants, and plenty of sunshine. So sit back, sip your coffee or savor your cake, and enjoy what’s sure to be the most relaxing KFC dining experience since they opened their joint in Tokyo that serves hard liquor.

Café information
KFC Colonel’s Café
Address: Hyogo-ken, Kobe-shi, Nada-ku, Nagate-cho, 4-2-1-022
Open 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Website (Foresta Rokko)

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