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Last year, we talked about seasoning maker Ajigen’s Magic Powder that Makes Ramen More Delicious. Weird as the idea seemed initially, the more we thought about it, we realized it could be just the thing for people with a desire for a tasty meal but no time or motivation to cook for themselves.

That said, if your schedule is so packed you need to prepare dinner in three minutes, we’re guessing you also can’t spare the time for a trip to the bar and a pour of some flavorful and unique craft brew. Thankfully, Ajigen is back again with more magic powder, this time for your beer.

Once again going with a product name that leaves no confusion about its intended function, on December 2 Ajigen is rolling out its new Magic Extract that Makes Beer More Delicious series. Four different varieties are on offer, with the most orthodox being malt, which promises to boost the rich taste of whatever store-bought beer you’ve got chilling in your refrigerator.

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Drinkers who like their alcohol laced with a fruity taste are already in good hands in Japan, where there’s no shortage of fruit-based liqueurs and chu-hi sour cocktails. Ajigen is ready to bring some tropical tones to your beer mug, though, with the second beer powder flavor, mango.

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Or, if citrus is your thing, you can choose between lime or a blend of orange and grapefruit.

▼ The lime extract doesn’t produce the sort of vivid green hue we were expecting, though.

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Ajigen will sell each flavor in eight-packs for 350 yen (US $3.05). Each individual packet holds enough powder to mix with a standard Japanese 350-militer (11.8-ounce) can of beer, meaning that 350 yen investment will provide more than enough extra flavor for a six pack. For that matter, it’ll also leave you with leftovers after seasoning two forties, since, theoretically, Magic Extract that Makes Beer More Delicious is also Magic Extract that Makes Malt Liquor More Delicious.

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Images: At Press News