The internet has gone gaga for these Doraemon-cosplaying felines.

With the new Doraemon movie hitting theaters earlier this month, McDonald’s Japan has decided to get in on the action by offering six different toys with its Happy Set (as Happy Meals are called in Japan) kids’ meals.


One of these toys is a replica of Doraemon’s collar, which according to the fast food giant’s latest commercial, was originally intended to be used by kids as a dress-up toy.


However, thanks to some pet owners who thought the collar above would look much better on an actual cat, now it appears that just as many feline fans as kids are rushing out to get their hands on one and posting about it online, much to the delight of the Japanese Twitterverse.

▼ “I put the McDonald’s Happy Set toy collar on my cat, and it looks so cute!”

▼ “Hey everyone, you can get this collar from the McDonald’s Happy Set!♡ Look at our pet cat and dog transformed into Doraemon\(´▽`)/ It’s really cute, so be sure and go to McDonald’s tomorrow morning!”

▼ “After seeing Mikan-chan’s (@mikanorwegian) tweet, I went over to McDonald’s. I finally got a picture! That bell jingle…it’s like the sound of my youth…”

▼ “I wanted the Happy Set so badly that I went there all by myself for lunch. The collar’s a little too big so it falls off, but I managed to get it on. Yuki-Chan’s got quite the doyagao.”

▼ “Look at me! I’m Dorae~mon~♪”

▼ “For those of you with cats! You should go out and get a McDonald’s Happy Set quick! Not only will it fill you up, but you can get your hands on this happy little item here.”

Although we’re sure no kitties in the  photos above were harmed, it goes without saying that it wouldn’t be a good idea to use it as a regular collar, or force your cat to wear it if it’s adamant about not being subjected to such embarrassment. But if your cat is game and you manage to get your hands on one, we’d love to see photos!

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Top image: Twitter/@ASAGI_A_S
Insert images: McDonald’s JapanYouTube/McDonald’s