Electronic gadgets are part and parcel of our daily lives, helping us get work done, keeping us in contact with our friends and family, and entertaining us even in the most ungodly hours of the night. Our computers, mobile phones, music players and game consoles have become like friends and partners we can hardly live without, yet more often than not, we’re on the look out for newer models that have more functions, better technology, and nicer designs.

Some of us have a greater affection for our “buddies” of technology than others, and prefer to hang on to our trusty gadgets instead of forsaking them for newer ones. Japanese Twitter user Kameco (@kameco3) is one such loyal user, and the illustrations she created depicting the heart-wrenching situation of her deteriorating iPod tugged at the heartstrings of fellow iPod users in a similar plight. Check out the touching story after the break!

Kameco’s illustrations narrate the story of Usako, a personified rabbit, and her lover, a personified iPod.

One fine day, Usako’s father introduced her to MyPod. Like many relationships, Usako and MyPod were not in sync at the beginning.


MyPod: “Let’s see… I’m good at rakugo, classics, piano… would you like to listen to Turkish March?”
Usako: “…….”

But Usako and MyPod spent a lot of time together, and MyPod began to remember Usako’s preferences.


MyPod: “Hmm… so this is the kind of music you listen to.”
Usako: “Please remember it.”

They spent many days and nights together, sharing countless moments. However, the day Usako dreaded neared…


Usako: “I borrowed a whole lot of CDs from my friend…”
MyPod: “Sure, I’ll memorize all of them.”

MyPod took in the new music as he always did, but a few days later…

MyPod: “I’m sorry, I don’t know this song. I’ll play the next song.”
Usako: “Eh? But you remembered it before…”

MyPod started showing signs of “anorexia”, and would “throw up” everything he took in.


MyPod: “There are no songs I know of.”


Usako: “Are you all right?”
MyPod: “I’m fine, I’ll just have to re-memorize them.”

Usako introduced herself to her lover who suffers from memory loss over and over again. Currently, they’re still together, getting by with just as much as he can remember.

“I don’t want you to forget.”

Kameco’s illustrations touched many netizens, with some of them commenting that they teared up because they went through/are experiencing the same situation with their beloved gadgets. Do you get emotional when you have to part ways with a gadget you’ve been using for ages?

Source: Twitter via Zhaizhai News
Images: @kameco3 on Twitter