During this time of the year, a lot of cities like to bring out elaborate light decorations to warm up their otherwise ice cold streets. Whether it’s for Christmas, New Year’s or just the heck of it, as the days grow darker the streets tend to go brighter.

So what about cities that are already known for their abundance of colorful lights? Do they to amp it up even more for the end of the year? Our reporter FelixSayaka went to Hong Kongto find out, a city that is said to have one of the most stunning skylines in the world. She came back with this handy list of places you should check out if in Hong Kong during the holiday season, or if you’re just into pretty pictures.

■ Sky 100 Observation Deck

On the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the International Commerce Centre, is an observation deck granting you an unparalleled look at the area. It’s so high up your photos would look as if they came from a helicopter ride.

Felix was particularly taken by the view around the residential side. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Moreover the observation deck is equipped with a bar so you can sit back and talk with friends over some drinks while soaking in the view. Felix couldn’t, however. She was so taken with the sights there was little time for chatting.

It’s also said that the world’s highest hotel floor (102 of the Ritz Carlton) is just a little above this observation deck. It could be a chance for a world record hotel stay while you’re there, but we’re guessing it costs a pretty penny.

■ A Symphony of Lights

Speaking of records, Hong Kong’s A Symphony of Lights holds the Guinness record for the largest ongoing light show in the world. It’s a combined effort of 47 different buildings, which light up the sky with lasers for about 13 minutes from 8:00pm every day.

Felix recommends watching the show over dinner in a restaurant such as Hutong, which offers delicious Beijing cooking. Inside you can also hear the audio portion of the show broadcast over the radio. Even before and after the show you’ll be in for some beautiful sights with the regular skyline viewing.

■ Kowloon Selfies

Felix also visited 1881 Heritage. A former police headquarters in Kowloon it now holds various retail businesses and a dazzling display of lights. This area is said to be the most popular for taking selfies in all of Hong Kong.

She was surprised to see a huge taste of home with a massive Hello Kitty light arrangement all along the sides of buildings. These lights offered a nice change of pace going for a cute look rather than the elegance often put out by these attractions.

Even if you turn your back to this spectacle, the waterfront still provides a pretty light show.

Also in Kowloon is the massive shopping mall Harbor City. Out front it has a brightly lit train engine.

The inside is hollowed out allowing visitors to walk through a dream-like tunnel of lights.

■ Star Ferry

A cloudy day can really put a damper on viewing the city from high up in observation decks. Luckily the Star Ferry, which runs from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, offers beautiful views no matter what the weather.

Felix especially enjoyed how the city lights reflected onto the sea. She was also delighted to see a new Ferris wheel was set up at Star Ferry pier in Tsim Sha Tsui.

■ Statue Square Christmas Tree

This gorgeous tree stands as the centerpiece of the Hong Kong WinterFest and can be found in Central, Hong Kong Island. It will be lit from 5 December to 1 January and for couples, hangable Love Locks are sold for HK$50 (US$6.50) with the money going to charity.

■ Hong Kong Pulse 3-D Light Show

Also connected to the WinterFest is the Hong Kong Pulse 3-D Light Show which takes place from 17 to 29 December. It makes use of projection mapping and is managed by the Spinifex Group, which managed shows for the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics.

■ New Year’s Fireworks over Victoria Harbor

What better way to complement the lights of the Hong Kong skyline than with the dazzling fireworks display that goes on every New Year’s over Victoria Harbor.

So there you have it! Why not head down to Hong Kong this holiday season to get your fix of wintertime displays. And if all these lights of Hong Kong don’t satisfy you, then I’m sure the city also has a wide range of people trained to treat your never-ending hunger for all thinks twinkly and sparkly.

Original article and Photos by Felix Sayaka
Video: YouTube – HONG KONG

▼ There’s a very futuristic countdown timer on the ceiling of the elevator to Sky 100

▼And the hallway to it has a miniature model of Hong Kong beneath your feet

▼ Everyone in Hutong had their eyes glued to the view

▼ Felix managed to divert her attention for a moment to take a snap of the spicy delicious food on her table.

▼ Harbor City was bigger than most shopping centers in terms of decorations too.

▼ Hello Kitty’s making a list and checking it twice

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