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With their cute sets of extra paws, these hilarious cats look like furry catbuses come to life!

Japanese cat owners have given us a lot of “awww” inspiring moments lately, with kitties that like to talk, bow, and play games inside cardboard boxes. One cat-loving Japanese Twitter user, however, stands out for her interesting locale, with an account that’s filled with pictures of felines roaming around deserts in the Middle East. The talented photographer, who goes by the handle @hanamomoact, is based in Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates, and has already enchanted us with exotic images of mysterious “snake cats” and kitties blending in with the sand like bizarre optical illusions. Now she’s back with a new discovery, the multi-legged centipede cat, which is reminding us of the quick-footed Catbus from the animated Studio Ghibli film My Neighbour Totoro.

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With dozens of legs, these kitties might not have the full set of hundred paws to certifiably fit the classification of a centipede, but they certainly look like the multi-legged invertebrates with their elongated bodies exploring the vast sandy environment.

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According to the photographer, the images were created using an iPhone in panorama mode. Cats moving in the same direction as the lens became mysterious multi-legged creatures, not unlike something you might see as a mirage in the desert.

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Japanese Twitter users are loving the creative images captured in the faraway land — @hanamomoact’s tweet has racked up over 18,000 retweets and over 18,000 likes!

Here’s what some commenters have said about the images:

“You’ve discovered a whole new species of cat!”
“These are scary! Still, I’d love to see them in real life.”
“With their long bodies, these would make perfect cuddly body pillows!”
“So many legs! I’m splitting my sides laughing at these!”
“Is this the cat bus from the Ghibli film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’?”

Like the wide-eyed, grinning catbus from the acclaimed anime movie, these adorable cats might look a little frightening at first, but we’re sure they’d make for a cuddly ride!

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Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@hanamomoact