People look to Japan for many reasons, from the rich heritage of samurai or tea ceremonies to pop culture phenomenons such as anime. But the one thing I truly love about Japan is its people’s taste in film.

Classics such as Die Hard and Robocop are widely accepted as the cinematic gold they are, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest rocket launcher-wielding performance in Commando is getting the royal treatment by 20th Century Fox Japan in honor of the 30th anniversary of its release here. Far from a simple added commentary track, this special release is chock-full of exclusive features befitting a monumental specimen of the art from such as this.

About two years ago, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan established the Emperor’s Dub series, taking their finest releases and giving them improved translations with the best voice actors money can buy. Past installments included Speed, Speed 2, and Robocop.

The eighth chapter in the Emperor’s Dub was declared to be Commando on 19 December through a series of late night tweets that may or may not have been alcohol-induced from a year-end party.

▼ “The 8th chapter of the Emperor’s Dub! Two years since the series began!
Commando Director’s Cut – 30th Anniversary Japanese Dub edition
Never before released on DVD the director’s cut will now be available on Blu-ray! It includes both the director’s cut and original theatrical version.”

Awesome! Now we can finally see the director’s true artistic vision of what Commando was meant to be before those corporate fat-cat producers got a hold of it.

▼ “8th Emperor’s Dub Commando Director’s Cut – 30th Anniversary Japanese Dub edition
The original cast of the Sunday Western Cinema Theatre has been reunited for a brand new dub! Dubs include the new 30th anniversary dub, the original Sunday Western Cinema Theatre dub, and the original theatrical release dub.”

Sunday Western Cinema Theatre is a program on TV Asahi which showcases foreign movies and TV series with carefully selected Japanese voice actors. For example, every time you see Samuel L Jackson on Japanese TV on a Sunday afternoon, chances are that’s Banjo Ginga delivering the Japanese equivalent to his f-bomb laden dialog. And Arnold’s complex soliloquies are handled by none other than Tessho Genda.

▼ Arnold’s Japanese voice: Tessho Genda

▼ “8th Emperor’s Dub Commando Director’s Cut – 30th Anniversary Japanese Dub edition
A brand new dub by the original Sunday Western Cinema Theatre cast but with a brand new script translated by the expert Katsuhige Hirata. That being said, the classic lines you love are kept intact. Try to spot the differences.”

▼ “8th Emperor’s Dub Commando Director’s Cut – 30th Anniversary Japanese Dub edition
Tessho Genda and Mika Doi interviewed at a roundtable discussion interviewed by Norio Wakamoto! At the interview Tessho said “I never thought this day would come!”

The “classic lines” mentioned are ones that didn’t appear in the English version of Commando but were localized for Japan and ended up being wildly popular. The most famous of which happens at the very beginning of the movie.

Just in case you’re one of the few that doesn’t have Commando committed to memory, it’s when two of Bennett’s men pose as garbage collectors assassinate one of Matrix’s old Delta Force teammates named Lawson. In the original English script Lawson chases after the would-be trashmen shouting “I was afraid you’d miss me!” to which they reply coldly “Don’t worry we won’t.” before gunning him down in the street.

In the Japanese version, the merc says “Tondemone… Mattetanda” which loosely equates to “F**k no…We’ve been waiting.” This line serves as both the sentiments of eager fans to this definitive version of Commando as well as a testament that their favorite Japanese born lines are untouched.

▼ “8th Emperor’s Dub Commando Director’s Cut – 30th Anniversary Japanese Dub edition
Commemorating the second year of the Emperor’s Dub series the ‘Commando Jewel Translation Calendar’ campaign is in the works! Details such as how to apply will be available at a later date.”

You might think this was more than enough tribute to pay to the 25th highest grossing movie of 1985, but 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan wasn’t through yet. Not by a long shot.

▼ “It has a steel book design with Bennett of the back cover – AHHHHHH! Apparently it’s unprecedented but the character was truly loved in Japan! After continuous requests, finally this Japan exclusive design was permitted.”

Indeed Bennett never got the respect he deserved from Western audiences especially being one of the few men bold enough to rock chainmail in the 20th Century. Don’t worry though Dan Hedaya and the other cast of villains were well represented too.

▼ Nevertheless, Japan can’t get enough of that zany Bennett

▼ “There are only villains on the inner cover…but making it was a dream.
8th Emperor’s Dub Commando Director’s Cut – 30th Anniversary Japanese Dub edition
Release: 24/04/2015
Please check it out!”

▼ “Also, of course new Emperor’s Dub series are in the making! Please look forward to them!
I’m sorry for this barrage of late night tweets.
I’ll get back to the DVD and Blu-ray information updates from tomorrow morning.
Goodnight everyone!”

Now you might expect this late night love-fest for Commando to be met with jaded responses from Japanese twitter users, but actually the response was largely positive with many sharing their favorite Japanese quotes from the movie, including of course:

▼ “F**k no, we’ve been waiting!”

▼ “That inner sleeve is freaking awesome!”

And so there was lots of love to be had, love for the movie by n overly excited 20th Century Fox rep, and lots of love for the studio by fans for this extravagant tribute to a movie which really is at its core a celebration of love.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got to go…LET OFF SOME STEAM! Bwaaaaaah hahaha! You know?! When Matrix does the…hahaha…thing with the…pffft…pipe? Haaaaa…

…eh. Good times.

Source: Twitter via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)