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Earlier this week, we took a look at the year’s 20 most popular karaoke songs for teens, and found that the list was made up entirely of anime themes, vocaloid songs, and the Japanese version of “Let It Go” (proving there’s literally nowhere you can go where you won’t run into the Frozen hit). And while we’re sure the 2-D sweep put a smile on the face of otaku and technophiles, we can imagine some traditionalists grumbling about a lack of music with a connection to anything real.

Well, is a human-sized pear real enough for you?

Given the character’s hyper-active dance moves, it was only a matter of time before Funasshi, anthropomorphic pear and unofficial mascot of Chiba Prefecture’s Funabashi City, made his way into the music world. His first effort, the single for “Funa Funa Funasshi – Funasshi Official Theme Song” hit stores in November of 2013 and climbed all the way to number eight on the Oricon charts. This marked the best performance to date by a regional yuru-kyara mascot, besting the previous mark of number 13 set earlier that year by Kumamoto Prefecture’s Kumamon.

▼ The video for “Funa Funa Funasshi – Funasshi Official Theme Song”

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Funasshi’s follow-up tune, this year’s “Boogey Boogey Funasshi – Funasshi Official Theme Song #2” didn’t soar quite as high, but still managed a respectable peak of number 12 on the charts last August. Maybe part of the second single’s lower sales, though, was because fans were waiting for the character’s first full album, which just dropped on December 17.

During the seven-day period ending December 21, Uki Uki Funasshi – Official Funasshi Album – Spurting Pear Juice sold 12,000 physical copies, landing it at number four on Oricon’s album charts. The unprecedented success marks the first time a regional mascot’s album has placed in the top five since Oricon began releasing its rankings in January of 1968.

The album, published by Universal Music, is said to be “packed with Funasshi’s rock soul and pear juice,” but employs a number of musical styles. Among the 11 tracks listeners will find not only the character’s two previously released singles, but also a “metal rock” number, plus the samba-infused “Rainbow in the Pear Sky.”

▼ If you feel like singing along, the lyrics are below

Ohayou taiyou. Kyou mo niko niko aozora da!
Good morning, sun! The sky’s so blue and cheerful again today!

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Haiiro amagumo ha doko ka he tondetta
The gray rainclouds have all blown away
Arigatou Papa Mama. Yasashii eigao wo furimaite
Thank you, Papa and Mama. You always smile so kindly
Mainichi bokura ni genki wo kureru ne
And it makes us feel happy every day
Kanashii koto ha hayaku wasurechau nasshii
Let’s just forget about all the sad things – pear

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Tanoshii koto matteiru. Genki ippai!
Fun things are waiting for us. We’re so happy!
Haru ni ohanami hyahhaa!
Cherry blossom viewing parties in the spring, hyahhaa!
Sakura chitteta yo busshaa!
The sakura petals scatter, busshaa!
Natsumatsuri kimi to hanabi doon!
Going to the summer festival with you, and watching fireworks, boom!
Itsumo issho
We’re always together
Doshaburi yandara nashizora reinboo.
When the rain stops, there’s a rainbow in the pear sky

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Yuuyake koyake de sorosoro kaerou. Mata ashita
Just a little burned by the setting sun, it’s time to head home. See you tomorrow
Sakki ha gomen ne. Ii yo arigatou
Sorry about what happened earlier. Don’t worry about it, and thanks
Nakisou na toki ha itsumo denwa kurete
When you feel like you’re about to cry, give me a call, anytime

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Dou demo ii koto hanasu waracchau
We’ll just talk about whatever and laugh
Aki ni ha undoukai wasshooi!
In the fall, the sports festival, wasshooi!

Oddly enough, after such an energetic performance up to that point, the video just sort of fades out in mid-song. Don’t worry, though. Given how well his CD is selling, we don’t think we’ve seen, or heard, the last of Funasshi’s special brand of weird cuteness. If you can’t bear the wait, though, you can order his album from Amazon Japan right here, right now.

Sources: Gadget Tsushin via Hachima Kikou
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