Ever find yourself in a really awkward or compromising situation? The kind where you wish the earth would split open and swallow you up, or you could somehow be whisked away to some magic far-away land where you’d never have to show your face to the real world again? We’re pretty sure that’s what this 55-year-old university lecturer was feeling when he was found on campus, wearing nothing but his birthday suit. How he ended up that way is an even more interesting issue.

According to the letter posted on Taisho University’s website, the part-time lecturer (whose name has not been given) was spotted by a student at around 3pm on January 8 on a walkway between buildings on campus, wearing nothing but the skin he was born in.

Now what would lead a qualified teacher at a respectable Tokyo university to end up indecently exposing himself? A few too many drinks, perhaps? Or maybe he get lost on his way to Japan’s famous Naked Festival? As it turns out, this was the unfortunate end result of an argument gone wrong.

The lecturer had apparently been living together with a 21-year-old student for about six months. (While there is some speculation about their relationship, the official letter only mentions the fact that they were living together, with her parent’s permission.) When they ran into each other on campus on the day of the awkward event, however, their conversation somehow escalated into an argument. Finally, the female student allegedly demanded: “If you want me to believe you, then take off all your clothes right here.”

That right there seems like a good sign to just turn and walk away from the relationship forever. Turn away, Mr. Teacher, and save both your dignity and reputation! But the power of love must have compelled this man, because he complied with the girl’s bizarre request. When he did strip off, however, the student made off with his clothes (and his trust too, most likely), leaving him defenseless and naked. In the middle of winter, no less.

▼Get back here with my clothes!

nekkidImage: The Artdicted

According to the teacher, the student was emotionally unstable at the best of times. She would get worked up so suddenly and to such an extent that he was never sure of how to react, so he figured it would be best to do as she said, thinking that if he didn’t then things would never be resolved. Because getting naked in public is always a great way to solve things, right?

Later, the teacher stated that while he acted in order to calm the girl’s unease, he realizes now that it was a rash decision to make and intends to resign from his position at the university. The statement detailing the events, written by the president of the university and posted on the establishment’s website, along with the teacher’s apology, has understandably garnered quite a bit of attention from the Japanese online community.

“Very straightforward – a nice composition.”

“I was more surprised to read that he was living with a student than by the fact he got naked.”

“Reading this document, I can tell the university president sympathizes a bit with the teacher; how funny.”

“That stupid girl ought to be expelled.”

“What a nice story.”

“I hope no one got hurt in this incident.”

“Shouldn’t this girl drop out of school too?”

In his final act as a teacher, our tragic hero teaches us one last important lesson – never trust an angry woman with your clothes!

Source: Byoukan SUNDAY
Featured image via Wikipedia (Dick Thomas Johnson)