Welcome to Volume No. 35,000,000 of More Sailor Moon Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now!

The Animate Girls Festival (AGF) is a yearly festival held in Japan by Animate, the largest purveyor of anime, games, and manga in Japan, and is primarily aimed at female otaku. This year the festival celebrates its 30th anniversary and what celebration of anime, especially anime for girls, would be complete without Sailor Moon?


One of the featured Sailor Moon items from Megahouse is part of a trend that I really don’t understand but find appealing nonetheless. Tea cup friends (ochatomo) hang on the rim of your glass and keep you company as you consume the beverage of your choice. I imagine they could also serve the same function that wine glass charms do in helping people keep track of their drinks at a party. The collection that will be available at the Animate Girls Festival is called Tea Cup Friends Series: Night & Day and features Princess Serenity, Small Lady Serenity, Prince Endymion, Luna, Black Lady, and Prince Demande.

Also available will be two offerings from Gashapon toy-vending machines. The Capsule Goods Deluxe Set includes a Crisis Moon Mirror, Kaleido Moon Scope Stylus, and a scrunchie with a charmed attached in a pretty pink pouch for 400 yen (US$3.80). The Milky Pop Clear Charms are a series of six charms (300 yen each) that can be used to add a touch o’ moon to your charm bracelets or really just about anything.


▼ The Milky Pop Clear Charms represent some of the most iconic Sailor Moon magical items.


Megahouse will also have two other irresistible figures for sale at their AGF booth: Sweeties: Usagi Tsukino Fruits Parlor ver. and Petit Character Deluxe Sailor Saturn.


▼ This Sweeties Usagi Tsukino is sweet indeed!


The price isn’t currently available for the Megahouse items, but there’s no doubt they’ll be worth whatever they cost.

If you’d like to get your hands on these, you’ll need to make your way to the AGF. The Animate Girls Festival is scheduled for November 5 and 6, so if you aren’t in Japan already, you’ve got a couple days to hop on a plane and get over there!

Can’t make it to Japan? You can always order some Rainbow Moon Chalice blush to help you get your Sailor Moon fix.

Source, images: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project