From food to chopsticks and even marriage registration certificates, we’ve been absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to all the limited-edition Sailor Moon items that have been released this year.

One thing that’s been missing from all the new releases though, is the Eternal Moon Article from Sailor Stars, the fifth season of the hit anime series. Now the rare and powerful item is finally making an appearance, as it comes to us in the form of an adorable miniature locket filled with tiny peach mints to keep us fighting fresh throughout the day!

This is the third series of Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Sets to be released by Premium Bandai. Each set contains four locket-style designs measuring 4–5.5 centimetres (1.6–2.2 inches), which open up to reveal cute inlays that dispense 2 grams (0.07 ounces) of tiny peach-flavoured mints. Of course, once you’ve finished all the included sweets, the dispensers can be refilled with new mints, candies and tablets or you can even use it as a locket for storing precious items!

▼ This latest set contains (clockwise, from top left) the Eternal Moon Article, the Illusionary Silver Crystal (re-released toy version), the Crystal Star Compact (pearl-white inner version) and the Chibi Moon Compact.


The charms are sold only in sets of ten for 5, 400 yen (US$43.93), with pre-orders currently being accepted for delivery in March 2016. While each set contains the four designs, the remaining six items will be packed randomly, meaning there’ll be double-ups so you can actually use the locket dispensers without worrying about scratching them as you’ll still have some in a nice pristine condition at home!

▼ The “Eternal Moon Article” features elaborate details, including coloured rhinestones to represent Sailor Moon and the four inner and four outer senshi. It’s everything you need to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon!

▼ It might look like Sailor V’s crescent moon-shaped compact but it’s listed on Premium Bandai’s official site as 幻の銀水晶 (Maboroshi no Ginzuishou), or the Illusionary Silver Crystal. The design is based on the toy version released by Bandai under the same name in the 90s.


▼ The “Chibi Moon Compact” features a shiny, pearlised lid finished with a hologram seal.


▼ The “Crystal Star Compact” appeared in the first series of Miniaturely Tablets with a pretty pink panel inside. This time, it appears with a pearly white panel insert.


▼ And if you thought they looked adorable on the outside, wait until you open them up! They contain panels inlaid with patterned details and different-shaped jewels, which you simply push aside to dispense your peach-flavoured breath mints.


Whether you use a transformation phrase as you open the lockets to reveal the jewel inside is entirely up to you!

Source: Nijimen
Images: Premium Bandai