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While some have argued that a woman can increase her bust size by eating a bunch of hamburgers or copious amounts of frog fallopian tube, not every woman who’d like to project a more voluptuous image wants to reach that goal by changing her diet.

Some instead turn to visual subterfuge, such as buttoning their shirt out of order to create the illusion of having a larger chest. That technique won’t help you much once swimsuit season rolls around, though, which is why one Japanese fashion magazine is suggesting a non-wardrobe related way to give yourself larger-looking breasts: paint them on.

Twitter user Mucho V6 recently came across the beauty tip, which was accompanied by a handy little diagram.

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All you have to do, the text explains, is use an eyebrow brush to apply the same cosmetics you’d normally use on your face to your chest. By adding two gentle curves, a woman can visually simulate the cleavage of a larger cup size.

As an advanced technique, the magazine suggests blending three different shades of color to create a more realistic shadowing effect. “It’s so natural that no one will notice!” boasts the demonstrating model.

We have to admit, the photographs do look pretty convincing. However, for men who spend as much time thinking about breasts as any other healthy male (i.e. more time than they spend thinking about securing food and shelter), two potential pitfalls immediately come to mind.

First, while this tip seems tailor-made for people going to the beach, we’re not sure how advisable it is for going into the sea. If the cosmetics used aren’t sufficiently water-resistant, you’re going to look like you left something behind when you come back from your swim. Just in case, you might want to have an explanation mentally prepared in advance, such as, “Oh no! A sea turtle stole my breasts!”

“Oh yeahhhh.”

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Second, while this may look fine in print form, we’re not sure how natural it appears in three dimensions. Since the effect is completely limited to the patches of skin not covered by a bikini top, there’s a chance it might give the impression of oddly top-heavy breasts that suddenly decrease in size after being tucked behind a sheath of cloth. Alternatively, it might just look like you’ve got some grime stuck on your chest, which is technically true in this case.

Still, this could be just the trick to quickly and easily add a dash of sexiness to your summer selfies. And if you’re feeling generous, send a copy to Mr. Sea Turtle.

▼ He looks lonely down there.

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Source: Toyochan Net
Top image: Twitter
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