The year 2015 is officially the year of publishing here at RocketNews24. Readers of our Japanese sister site may already be aware that our reporters Mr. Sato, Hatori GO, and Takashi Harada have each released books in the past two months alone.

And that was all just a prelude to our grand release: The Secret of RocketNews24 (RocketNews24 No Himitsu). It’s a compilation of the Japanese website’s greatest hits along with all new exclusive content – all for the low, low price of 500 yen (US$4.13).

■ 500 yen?! Get out of town!

The publishers at Scholar Magazine are letting this baby loose for a mere 500-yen making it a one-coin book! At least it should have been if it weren’t for Abe’s stinky sales tax hike. After tax is added The Secret of RocketNews24 comes to 540 yen ($4.46) which would make it a one-500-yen-and-four-10-yen-coin book. I guess we could have made it an even 550 and thus a two-coin book…but let’s not get bogged down in economics here.

■ Chocked full o’stuff!

Given such a low price you might expect us to stick you with just a few pages of photos of our male writer’s butts. But actually, we’re giving you the butts plus a whopping 220-plus pages of other content as well.

The Secret of RocketNews24 will be a compilation of many of the past articles from the Japanese language website spaced out with some one-off gags for a cheap laugh or two. However, there will also be new content written only for this book. Here, take a look inside for yourself!

Okay, it’s not actually printed yet, but just imagine lots of great stuff inside and you’ll be about right. It’ll be printed on big-ass B6 paper and decorated as loudly as possible so you’ll have no choice but to see it on magazine stands with all of those other goofy picture books inferior to ours.

In addition to all this, the book will feature an exclusive manga in collaboration with artist Kyoshiro Miyami titled Mr. Underground Sneaks into the RocketNews24 Editorial Department. According to reports, he’s still drawing it as I write these very words. Don’t worry, though; he’s a pro and is sure to meet his deadline…Yeah…we don’t think he’ll screw us over.

■ Also available on Amazon!

Not only will The Secret of RocketNews24 be available from convenience stores such as FamilyMart, Lawson, and 7-Eleven across the whole of Japan, it will also be available to purchase on Amazon JP! Pre-orders are open now so be sure to put your name down, because we know you’re going to forget later on just like you did with our weird calendar…Wait, maybe we forgot about that one.

RocketNews24 No Himitsu on Amazon
Scholar Magazine

Original article by Hatori GO
Photos: RocketNews24

It even fits nicely in the palm of your hand…if you have big man-hands

 ▼ Here are two of the photos that appear in the book. But how are they used?


Mark your calendars: 25 March, 2015

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