The family that cosplays together slays together.

We’ve seen some brilliant cosplayers over the years, from attendees at Comiket to a cat with over 100 costumes. But while many of these endeavors are performed solo, what makes the cosplays of one Twitter user @xMiCaNx uniquely special is that he performs them together with his wife and young son. Indeed, their resulting recreations of iconic anime family units reenacting touching, slice-of-life scenes are some of the strongest cosplays we’ve ever seen. Their love for the craft is also readily apparent in their care and attention to small details.

Let’s begin with an iconic scene found in hundreds of episodes of Detective Conan [Case Closed] in which Conan Edogawa is in the midst of secretly solving a crime.

“I know who the criminal is”

The cosplayed scene is sheer parody perfection, with @xMiCaNx slumped over as the temporarily knocked-unconscious private detective Kogoro Mori [Richard Moore] and his son as Conan hides behind him while impersonating his voice. Meanwhile, @xMiCaNx’s wife plays Kogoro’s daughter Ran Mori [Rachel Moore] (complete with her gravity-defying anime hair) watching on in concern. That concern soon turns to typical Ran indignation, though:

“Daaaad, c’mon!”

Cosplaying characters spanning Naruto to sequel series Boruto seems to be another family favorite. Check out this sweet tribute to both.

“From parent to child, child to grandchild”

Here is a simple yet effective imagining of a typical family moment while walking in the mall. On the left is the Fourth Hokage and Kushina along with a young Naruto (had they lived to raise their son), while that image is mirrored on the right with Naruto as the Seventh Hokage, now a father himself, wife Hinata, and son Boruto. This one, along with the following, brings on all of the feels.

“Naruto’s family saying ‘Itadakimasu!‘”

The family unit hasn’t limited themselves to just the titular character’s family from the series, either.

Here are @xMiCaNx and his wife as fan favorites Sasuke and Sakura. Notice that they’re also not afraid to mix it up by taking on different genders:

▼ “Gender swap! Sasuke (male) ↔ Sasuke (female), Sakura (female) ↔ Sakura (male)”

Yes, he and his wife really swapped roles in the above photos. That’s the mastery of their craft.

Here they are as Might Guy, Tenten, and a young Rock Lee (all in the springtime of their youth, of course):

Next, let’s take a peek at a little global hit known as Dragon Ball Z. Instead of portraying series protagonist Goku, @xMiCaNx chose to turn himself green by taking on the role of everybody’s favorite Namekian, Piccolo.

▼ “Piccolo really wants to play with Gohan, but he just doesn’t know how”

Piccolo becomes a sort of surrogate father-figure for Goku’s son Gohan as the series progresses, so perhaps it’s not that unusual to see him next to Chichi and Gohan as they appear near the start of Dragon Ball Z. It’s also worth noting that this scene provides some rare photographic evidence of Chichi allowing her son to actually play with toys like a child instead of pestering him to study!

If our hearts weren’t already bursting with cuteness, here’s an adorable video of Gohan trying to catch his own tail.

@xMiCaNx’s list of family cosplaying accomplishments goes on and on. Here are just a few more to give you a taste of their comprehensive cosplaying portfolio.

▼ Psycho-Pass

▼ JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

▼ Final Fantasy 7

Finally, @xMiCaNx’s Twitter profile also notes that he’s “aiming to become the coolest papa.” We think he’s well on his way.

To follow the further creative cosplaying adventures of @xMiCaNx and his family, be sure to subscribe on Twitter or Instagram. We have faith that they’ll continue crushing it at cosplay in the months and years to come.

In the meantime, we’ll keep working on getting up to barely passable levels of cosplay on our end.

Source, top image: Twitter/@xMiCaNx (photo used with permission)
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