Our fast food correspondent Kuzo constantly travels the world visiting exotic countries and partaking of their McDonald’s menus to see what wonders they have in store. In the past, we’ve seen him visit McDonald’s restaurants in Turkey and Russia to name a few, but now his McSight is set on Portugal. Here is his super-sized McReport, translated into English for you, our beautiful, hungry readers.

I heard that Portugal’s McDonald’s restaurants work in some traditional dishes to their typical menu. I always like to see what the McDonald’s franchises of other nations come up with to satisfy the locals and impress the tourists, so I hunted my nearest restaurant out and stepped inside.

McBifana and Caldo Verde

Entering the Portuguese McDonald’s, I ordered a McBifana combo and a cup of Caldo Verde. These two dishes are only found in Portugal and based on traditional foods of the country. There was also a Beef Mayonnaise Burger, but I wasn’t sure if it was exclusive to here. Let’s see what they’re like!


The McBifana is named after a Portuguese sandwich of the same name, minus the shoehorned “Mc”, a stewed pork sandwich with crispy bread. According to some of the people I spoke to, the pork can be simmered in a flavored sauce or simply salted.

The McBifana uses two grilled pork patties endemic to McDonald’s everywhere. You might think this is an outrageous slight against the culture but I’m told  by some locals that recently a lot of bifana shops use grilled pork in their sandwiches, so I guess McDonald’s can get away with it this time.

Taste test

I sat down and excitedly unwrapped my McBifana. Inside were two pork patties resting in a two flour-sprinkled pieces of firm bread. The bread seemed distinctly European; quite far removed from the traditional American-style burger buns most of us are used to.

The patty had a mildly sour sauce which accentuated the flavor of the pork nicely, and this simple taste was further accompanied by the wheat bread. It wasn’t an overwhelming taste, but one you could probably eat every day without getting too tired of.


The soft yet filling Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde is a popular soup in Portuguese cuisine which uses shredded kale. There’s also the addition of mashed potatoes which gives it a pleasant mushy texture. The taste is sweet but it’s the sweetness of fresh vegetables rather than processed sugars. It’s a milky kind of taste that fills the stomach and eases the mind.


Beef Mayonnaise Burger

The last item in my Portuguese taste trial was the Beef Mayonnaise Burger, which as I said earlier I’m not totally sure is only sold in this country.

The amount of sauce on this burger is amazing. The surprisingly juicy patty is practically swimming in mayonnaise, making this highly satisfying fast food burger. This could really take off in Japan if they brought it to our shoes. (ed- the Japanese do love their mayo!)


One Regret: No Breakfast

This time I came for the McBifana and Caldo Verde, but while perusing the menu I couldn’t help but wish I had come for breakfast too. The food here seems to have a simple yet rustic style but carries a very strong and distinctive taste. Breakfast will have to wait for next time, and I’ll have to remember to tell Andreia and Ines I’m coming too!

Original Story by Kuzo
Photos: RocketNews24
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A Portuguese commercial with a bifana seller is shamelessly enjoying a McBifana for all to see.

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