With the plethora of iPhone cases available, it’s hard to get a truly unique one. Sure you could get one bearing your favorite anime character or sports team’s logo, but those are a dime a dozen and wouldn’t stand out for a second. No, if you want to truly be an individual, you need to slap on this iPhone case produced through the cooperation of smartphone accessory maker Hamee and pickled ginger producer Iwashita’s New Ginger. We guarantee you’ll turn more than a few heads with a 5-inch rod of ginger stuck to the back of your iPhone 5 or 5s.

The Food Sample Case (Iwashita New Ginger charm attached) is a standard hard iPhone case printed with the Iwashita logo and a vibrant green shiso leaf giving an earthy feel to your mobile device.

However, the highlight of this case is the plastic stick of pickled ginger prominently protruding from your iPhone like a mighty mushroom proudly thrusting outward from its earthen moss-covered bed. This food sample was handmade with the fake food sculpting techniques that only Japan can provide. Every little wrinkle in the moist surface is faithfully reproduced giving you the most realistic pickled ginger experience possible.

Not enough, you say? Alright, how about another stick of pickled ginger dangling from your earphone jack? Oh yes! You can turn your iPhone into a virtual pair of pickled nunchaku with the Food Sample Case (Iwashita New Ginger charm included)!

If that still isn’t enough, the whole thing comes in a package identical to real Iwashita New Ginger that you might find at your local grocer’s.

By now you must be thinking, “I’d easily pay ten thousand dollars for this scrumptious looking iPhone accessory.” Well, you’ll be happy to learn it’s only 4,000 yen (US$39). It’s a small price to pay for an iPhone accessory that you can be sure no one else in your life will have.

The Food Sample Case (Iwashita New Ginger charm included) has the power to change lives too! Just the other day I was munching on Takahiro’s Chocolate Banana while talking on my Food Sample Case bearing iPhone, when suddenly a nice gentleman by the name of Gabe L’Aujab offered me a part in one of his movies.

Next stop: Hollywood!

Source: Hamee via Entabe (Japanese)

▼ Why yes that is a pair of pickled ginger sticks in my pocket.