Japanese jeweler unveils three magical designs inspired by the anime magical girl.

With the busy lives we all lead nowadays, you may have forgotten that this week was Sakura Kinomoto’s birthday. Like many anime characters, the star of Cardcaptor Sakura has an official in-series date of birth, which is April 1.

If you’re a fan, you’re probably feeling sort of guilty that you didn’t get Sakura a gift, especially when Twitter Japan was nice enough to create a special emoji for her special day. But don’t worry, not only is Sakura forgiving enough not to be angry at you, fans got a present for themselves, with the unveiling of the designs for a brand-new line of Cardcaptor Sakura engagement rings.

Japanese jeweler U-Treasure is crafting three different designs, the first of which, pictured above, features familiar mascots Kero-chan and Spinel Sun supporting the stone’s setting.

The second design salutes Sakura’s magical girl regalia, with the Dream Key on one side and the Dream Wand on the other.

Finally, the third design is a nod to Sakura’s floral namesake, with a cherry blossom formed of what appears to be pink gold with a pink tourmaline crystal at the center of the petals, and a nadeshiko (pink carnation) made of the same material on the opposite side.

For now, U-Treasure is only showing sketches of the rings, but if the company’s previous Cardcaptor-inspired rings, like the ones below, are anything to go by, the craftsmanship on the engagement rings should be extremely high.

U-Treasure will begin taking orders for the Cardcaptor Sakura engagement rings on April 29 through its online store, as well as its physical store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood (pricing is yet to be announced, and likely will vary by choice of stone). Oh, and if you’re an anime fan who’s not particularly into Cardcaptor, don’t forget that they have Pokémon and One Piece rings too.

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