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While some Japanese media personalities who claim to be huge fans of anime and video games are no doubt trying to curry favor with the otaku crowd, Shoko Nakagawa’s passion for the hobbies seems legit. Not only does Shoko-tan, as she’s more commonly known, regularly share her love of Pokémon, having served as host of a weekly variety program and lending her likeness to a magazine dedicated to the monster-rearing franchise, she’s always willing to dip her toes in the cosplay waters and share the results with her fans.

Recently, she decided to indulge in some Sailor Moon cosplay, and that’s Sailor Moon the series, not just the character, as she appeared as all five of the anime’s core cast of magical girls.

Ask five different Sailor Moon fans who their favorite Inner Senshi is, and you’ll get five different answers. Being a professional, though, means Shoko-tan doesn’t have to pick sides, so she slipped on the pleated combat suits of Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

She even busted out a bit of obscure Sailor Moon trivia, referencing the power-combining technique of the five by tweeting “Sailor Planet Attack!”

Looking for a more appropriately dramatic backdrop, next it was off to the coast to perform “Moon Healing Escalation!!!”

Well, at least she performed the Moon Healing Escalation pose. There’s no official word as to whether or not it resulted in purifying any nearby townspeople who’d become infected with dark energy.

On the other hand, Shoko-tan did boast about the effects of her “Venus Power” with these before-and-after shots.

As can be seen, she’s looking quite a bit leggier on the right, which we’re sure had the orange-skirted celebrity tickled pink, given her complex about the length of her legs. Honestly, though, we think she looks fine in either photo, and the trick we’re most impressed with is how, at the age of 30, Shoko-tan does such a fabulous job taking on the form of characters less than half her age. It just goes to show, you’re really only as old as you think you are.

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Top image: Twitter/shoko55mmts (edited by RocketNews24)