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If you’re hungry enough, even a handful of breadcrumbs will seem like a sumptuous feast. Such was the case in April when the producers of the hotly anticipated anime Sailor Moon Crystal finally released a modest amount of character artwork for the series, years after the series was announced.

And while the main course of the series premiere itself is still a month away, fans can now savor this tasty appetizer: Sailor Moon Crystal’s first official trailer.

Seeing as how this is the first new piece of Sailor Moon animation in almost two decades, we’re sure the first glimpse of the titular heroine is going to be something special, right?

Actually, we get a brief peek at main character Usagi’s underwear.

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This is all part of one of the grand traditions in anime, though, wherein a character is introduced by showing their morning routine before heading out the door for school.

▼ We’d always wondered how long it took for Sailor Moon to do up her “dumpling head” hairstyle.

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Once we finally see our heroine’s face, it’s even clearer how strongly influenced the new series’ visuals are by creator Naoko Takahashi’s original manga. From the willowy limbs and the gravity-defying hair, it’s easy to see the franchise’s roots in girls’ comics.

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The onscreen text announces, “Beyond time, the light of a new destiny is unleashed.” Sailor Moon’s cat mentor Luna is here too, with a message for the soon to be unordinary junior high school student.

“I’ve been searching for you, Usagi, to give you a mission. Gather your companions, and defeat our enemies.”

▼ We’re guessing the show itself gives the dialogue some context that makes it sound a little less like Luna is encouraging Usagi to start her very own street gang.

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Next, we see Usagi not in her regular sailor suit, but her combat one, as she appears in full Sailor Moon regalia.

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Playing in the background is the series’ high-energy opening theme, “Moon Pride.” Providing the vocals is the extremely popular five-member idol unit Momoiro Clover Z, whom anime fans might recognize from their previous performances for Pokémon: Black and White and Bodacious Space Pirates.

Serving as composer for “Moon Pride” is Revo, front man for the band Linked Horizon, which performed both opening themes for Attack on Titan.

▼ We realize this gives the two series only the flimsiest of connections, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for an eventual Attack on Sailor Titan crossover.

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The trailer also shows off some still artwork of the other Sailor Senshi: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

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At the very end, there’s a special treat, as lead voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi, reprising her role as Sailor Moon, delivers the character’s signature line, “In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!” in a voice that sounds completely appropriate for a junior high school student (despite the fact that the 46-year-old Mitsuishi herself hasn’t been one for more than three decades).

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The trailer still leaves plenty of questions unanswered, though. For example, in what capacity will love interest/fashion icon Tuxedo Mask appear? How does the story diverge from the previous animated version that began in 1992? And, most importantly, will Sailor Moon…

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…her mouth?

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We’ll have to wait until Sailor Moon Crystal’s first episode on July 5 to find out.

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Source: Jin
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