Sailor Moon has taken the anime world by storm this past year with the revamped Sailor Moon Crystal. Ever since it premiered this summer, we’ve gotten Sailor Moon lingerie, tortilla chips, and even a holy grail air freshener, but it’s only recently that we’re finally able to do the one thing we’ve wanted all along: become a sailor scout ourselves.

This Christmas, ACOS Premium brand wigs and the wig-specialty shop airily are teaming up to bring official, pitch-perfect replicas of the hair of five of the sailor scouts. They’ll have Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter available.

▼ Prices for the wigs are between 10,000 and 14,000 yen (US$80-$120) each, based on the hair’s length, style, and how much you want that specific one.


But any cosplayer worth their makeup knows that you can’t just show up at a convention with a wig and white sheet like the mannequins above and call it a day – you need the rest of the character too. Well ACOS has your back for that – they’re planning on releasing matching costumes for the five scouts in spring 2015. In addition to the skirts, leotards and giant bows, the costume sets will include gloves, boot covers, tiaras, and other accessories.

▼ But until then, the sheets will have to suffice.


ACOS’s official Sailor Moon wig and costume first appeared at the 2014 Yahoo! Search Awards ceremony, where “sailor scout sailor moon” was the most searched term in the fringe “cosplay” category. Here’s a picture from the event with a model sporting the full official Sailor Moon costume.

▼ “In the name of the moon I will punish you!”
“…yes please!”


Winning in the cosplay category is quite an impressive feat, especially considering Sailor Moon Crystal has only been out for half the year – that’s a lot of searches it had to make up for in a short time. Maybe that’s what made them realize there’s a huge demand just waiting to be filled.

▼ Or maybe she just showed up like this and, well, would you say no?


While the gap between the releases of the wigs and the rest of the costumes is a little disappointing, maybe it will inspire some cosplayers to try Sailor Moon’s wig with different outfits until the rest comes out. The possibilities are endless: astronaut Sailor Moon, pirate Sailor Moon, or-

▼ Or that. That works too.


Wigs/costumes available for pre-order here.
(Wigs available 12/25/14, costumes available spring 2015)

Source: NetLab
Images: Sailor Moon Official