kim jong un photoshop (6)

It has to be pretty good being Kim Jong-un. You’re the supreme dictator of a whole country, you’ve got the most fashionable haircut ever, and women flock to you and faint in your presence.

Unfortunately being so handsome and popular has one downside though: the internet. When the online hivemind got its hands on a photo of Kim Jong-un visiting the female division of his divine army, they created some hilarious Photoshop masterpieces that are truly fitting for such a respected leader.

Here’s the original image that sparked the outpouring of collective creativity:

Because in North Korea, Kim Jong-un is One Direction, Santa Claus, and Fifty Shades of Grey all rolled up into one.

kim jong un photoshop (16)

And here’s what happened after a little internet magic was sprinkled on it:

▼ I knew I’d seen this photo somewhere before! (For the uninitiated, Brazzers is a porn production company.)

kim jong un photoshop (10)

▼ Hey, be careful with that. That’s how his last girlfriend got killed.

kim jong un photoshop (8)

▼ “Just don’t get the onions in the picture. I want their tears to look genuine.”

kim jong un photoshop (7)

▼ Ooh la la. So that’s what he’s been hiding all this time. Even daddy Il-Dawg approves.

kim jong un photoshop (6)

▼ “I need to go. My planet needs me.”

kim jong un photoshop (1)

▼ This is what Kim Jong-un makes all women wear before he can kiss them.

kim jong un photoshop (9)

▼ It’s not true love unless you literally drown in tears of joy.

kim jong un photoshop (5)

▼ “Hey Mr. Un, do you have time for an interview?

kim jong un photoshop (11)

▼ North Korea in its typical burning state.

kim jong un photoshop (3)

Kim-ing up with the Kardashians

kim jong un photoshop (4)

▼ Wow, the famine in North Korea must be really bad if they’re that desperate.

kim jong un photoshop (2)

▼ “Please no! Not again! Please don’t play that song again! Please no!

kim jong un photoshop (12)

▼ Fun fact: This is actually the original image. They couldn’t afford to bring in the Supreme Leader so they just Photoshopped him in afterward.

kim jong un photoshop (13)

▼ Well he’s certainly larger than The Beatles (ba dum ch).

kim jong un photoshop (14)

▼ “I’mma let you finish, but the Airang Festival mass games was the greatest show of all time. Of all time!”

kim jong un photoshop (2)

▼ And sometimes you just gotta ditch the Supreme Leader and have a girls’ day out at Disneyland.

kim jong un photoshop (1)

So which image is your favorite? Personally I like the last one of all the army women together the best. It’s a beautiful symbolic representation of the North Korean people’s desire to be free of their tyrant and finally enjoy the same quality of life as other developed nations. …I mean, that was the artist’s intent, right?

Images/source: theCHIVE