Sometimes waking up is hard, especially when the seasons change and bed starts to feel snugglier than ever before. But wake up we must, and many of us have invented little tricks to make the process easier, such as blaring out our favourite songs, sucking down industrial-sized cups of coffee, and cooing over cute animals on the internet.

For your consideration today, we’d like to present a menagerie of of baby bunny rabbits twitching their little pink noses at you over the rim of a couple of coffee and tea cups. Pick your choice of bun “to go” and go get ’em, tiger. After you’ve watched the cute videos, of course…

The first two anonymous rabbits (but how about calling them Flopsy and Mopsy?) appear in a two-part set of videos uploaded to YouTube showing the bunny pals sitting placidly inside a couple of paper drinks cups, just chilling out and working their little noses. Check them out!

Initially, only one bun-bun is hanging out, until he (or she?) is joined by their cup bunny twin. Those little paws poking up over the sides are killing us!

And, as a bonus, here’s a completely different set of rabbits in those exact same cups! This time the buns in question seem a little less blissed-out and a little more suspicious of their owner’s intentions…

And if you still don’t feel like we’ve managed to tip your cuteometer into overdrive today, here’s some practically newborn baby bunnies snoozing away inside a set of Japanese teacups.

Have a great day, everyone!

Source:YouTube/yukichibutyou h/t Huffington Post Japan
Screenshots: YouTube/yukichibutyou