Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to take your pet out into the fresh air and commune with nature together. It’s an obvious perk of dog-ownership, but even some cats enjoy a little time on the leash. And who could forget the spectacle of the giant tortoise taking a stroll around Tokyo with its owner?

But a recent pet-walkies fiasco captured on Twitter has us scratching our heads. Why on earth would anyone try to walk a hamster?!

The bizarre display of inappropriate pet-walking was posted to Twitter by user @inomomo_btsv, who spotted a middle-aged gentleman walking his hammy in their neighbourhood. After stopping to take a quick camera video, they posted the crazy sight for all to see:

However, not content with simply witnessing the spectacle, a fellow Twitter user who also noticed the pet-owner decided to engage them in conversation, and managed to discern that said hamster’s name is Piko, and she’s an adorable girl hammy!

While we can’t deny that seeing Piko scurry across the concrete is adorable, we do have to worry about what would happen if she managed to get herself stuck in a crevice, or, god forbid, fell down a drain. Luckily she seems to be pretty tightly strapped into her walking harness, so she should be fine as long as her owner continues to keep a close watch on her. We love her adorable pink ribbon, too!

Although one Twitter responder did voice a fear we didn’t quite dare to…

▼ “Looool nooo don’t try to walk a hamster… someone’s bound to step on it.”

Perhaps, in general, it’s better to keep your hamster indoors and out of harm’s way. After all, don’t they sell hamster exercise balls and wheels for the specific purpose of keeping them occupied and getting them some exercise without putting them in danger of being gobbled by an inquisitive dog or crushed into hamster pancake by a passing car?

Source: Twitter/inomomo_btsv
Main Image: Flickr/Ricky Cavalcanti