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They say that dogs are a man’s best friend; they’re companions that will protect you, comfort you and even do you the big favor of eating everything off your plate that you don’t want, no matter what it is. Some dogs will even go to the extreme…by being extremely lazy for you!

You might remember Japan’s Cocon, the adorable Shiba Inu that has a major problem getting up in the morning. She’s been working even less since we last saw her half-in and half-out of her bed. Luckily, she’s just as cute if not cuter in this new set of photos.

Get ready for some seriously lazy dog posing!

The fall season may well bring beautiful colors, but it still doesn’t put any more spring in Cocon’s steps; she’s quite literally falling out of the bed in these photos. She’s just like an anime character who has woken up but doesn’t want to go to school, wiggling and squirming their way out from between the sheets.

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▼ Being a grownup is tough…

cocon 1

▼ “If only there were more bed at the end of this bed…”

cocon 2

▼ “Is something happening up there? Meh, probably not enough to warrant moving…”

cocon 3

▼ You wish you could be this lazy

cocon 4

It is pretty apparent that Cocon isn’t in the middle of some larger motion either, as the owner is able to capture her poses from multiple angles without Cocon really caring much at all.

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▼ The following might be NSFW…if your work has a problem with dog bums.

cocon 5

cocon 6

Most of us probably feel exactly like this when our alarms go off in the morning, but unlike this Shiba Inu, our job isn’t to pose in ridiculous and lazy ways, we have to get up, get dressed and go to our jobs in order to make some money.

▼ We were thinking this too.

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Source & Images: Twitter/@SHIBAINU_COCON