More spooky food to celebrate with!

Gelato Pique isn’t a gelato company, but they still managed to open up a series of successful cafes across the country serving crepes and gelato called Gelato Pique Cafe. In spite of the apparel company’s main focus being cute, comfy, themed roomwear, like the Yoshi transformation hoodie, their food is pretty good, and, in keeping with the brand, can also be cute.

That’s why fans of the brand are always waiting eagerly for their latest creations, and this time, the wait has been worth it. They’ve just released two adorably spooky Halloween crepes: the Pumpkin and Ghost Crepes!

The Pumpkin Crepe‘s orange jack-o-lantern is made with pumpkin creme, with milk chocolate pieces used to make the face.

It’d be hard to get yourself to eat it, but it’s worthwhile; inside, the pumpkin cream is mixed with creamy custard to make a rich pumpkin pudding-like filling. The addition of almond pieces gives the crape a little added texture you just won’t be able to resist.

But while the Pumpkin Crepe looks too good to eat, no one can deny the overwhelming appeal of the Ghost Crepe. It’s cleverly made by wrapping a scoop of Royal Bluebon Gelato (which is vanilla flavored) in gyuhi, a Japanese sweet made from rice flour.

Combined with the simultaneously crunchy and chewy crepe recipe that Gelato Pique uses, the springy texture of gyuhi, and the creamy smoothness of the gelato, this adorable ghost is sure to be a treat for your mouth!

Both crepes are available for eat-in and take-out, and they each cost 1,180 yen (US$8.14) to takeout and 1,190 yen to eat-in. You can find them at every Gelato Pique Cafe in the country until Halloween, but they’re only available in limited quantities at each branch, so if you’re intent on eating everything spooky this month, don’t miss out!

And while you’re at it, make sure to check the Yokai confectionaries from Tohoen, Krispy Kreme’s scary-cute donuts, and the Ikea cafeteria’s new spooky menu. Happy Halloween!

Source, images: PR Times
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