Mister Donut doubles the deliciousness by teaming up with a beloved Japanese cake shop.

You’d have to search pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t like donuts, and you’d have to do the same to find someone who can’t appreciate a good slice of cake. So with both desserts being almost universally popular, the difficult question becomes which one you should eat.

Of course, the best answer is to eat both, and providing that simple solution is Japanese donut chain Mister Donut, as part of its new partnership with Osaka-based patissier Mon Cher.

Mon Cher has won nationwide popularity with its signature item, the Dojima Roll roll cake. Pictured above, it’s an outer ring of fluffy sponge wrapped around a rich core of whipped cream made with milk from the island of Hokkaido, Japan’s premiere dairy producer.

But now Mon Cher’s roll cake has become even better, as Mister Donut has created the Ronut, by topping one of its classic donuts with a slice of Dojima Roll.

Both the standard Dojima Ronut and the Dojima Prince Ronut variant (which adds chocolate cream and coating into the mix) are identically priced at 216 yen (U$2), making them an extremely affordable way to satisfy two sweet cravings at once.

Mon Cher’s creamy creativity also shines in the three other new donuts debuting as part of the tie-up: the Strawberry de Double Cream (172 yen) with cheese cream and milk cream sandwiched within a strawberry-glazed, white chocolate-drizzled donut, the Orange de Double Cream (172 yen) which features the same filling with orange glaze and chocolate coating on the donut, and the Dojima Milk Cream (162 yen) which is filled with milk cream and chocolate chips.

The entire lineup goes on sale July 5 at Mister Donut branches across Japan, and will be available for a limited time.

Source: PR Times via Niconico News/Net Lab
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Mon Cher, PR Times
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