We find who gives the best deadpan face in inaugural ‘King of Expressionlessness’ Championship

Who is best able to completely rid their face of any emotion whatsoever? Let’s find out!

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Does Daiso’s crazy 100-yen Face Trainer really make you more beautiful? We find out【Experiment】

A glut of GIFs chronicle our reporter’s journey as he makes himself look weird in an effort to also make himself look handsome.

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Spider discovered that looks like an old man having a really good time

I haven’t seen a face like that since Friday night bingo.

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Faced with a dilemma of choosing between Korean or Japanese makeup, Meg decides to do both【Pics】

Which do you think suits her better?

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“Eyes are closed”: Asian man’s passport photo denied

A Taiwanese-born New Zealander has had his passport photo rejected by his own government due to “closed eyes”.

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“Noooo!” Pouting pooch really doesn’t want to go for a walk, Internet loves everything about it

The days are getting increasingly shorter and the sound of cicadas has now been replaced with that of leaves crunching underfoot. As winter approaches, it’s hard enough to convince ourselves to get up in the morning and start the day, but when we have to get up extra early and then convince our pets to go out for a walk, that makes us just want to go back to bed.

Such was the case for one dog owner when trying to take their pretty pooch out for an early morning walk. The expression their dog wore of its face clearly showed how it felt about it, too…

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Facial recognition website decides how masculine or feminine you are, suggests famous look-alikes

Ever wanted to know who your celebrity look-alike would be? Wonder no more – there’s a website that will tell you! By uploading a selfie, facial recognition technology will guess your age, gender, and celebrity doppelganger.

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Chinese internet unusually upset by “most usual Chinese face” composite

A short time ago a variety program on Shandong Satellite TV aired a segment wherein they tried to create the “most standard Chinese face” for both men and women. The results of their experiment received a cold response in China online, however, drawing comments such as “both are ugly.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo is endorsing one of Japan’s weirdest ever beauty products 【Video】

Japan is no stranger to celebrity-endorsed products. Stars who ordinarily wouldn’t be seen dead in a commercial in their home country practically flock to Japan where, rather than being seen as a black mark on one’s resume, appearing in an ad can be a sign of having made it big, with companies prepared to pay top dollar to get a celebrity’s face alongside their product.

World-famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, though, was the last person we expected to see endorsing a face-toning exercise product that makes the user look like they’re devouring a frantically flapping seagull head-first…

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