As the man with the sword told us repeatedly, “Winter is coming.” And while some of us are happy to play in the snow, not everyone is so excited about the chilly weather. Some of us, in fact, would much prefer to stay inside and sleep in the kotatsu.

Or, if you happen to be an adorable kitten, you might prefer to just to hang out inside your human’s foot-warming heated carpet.

Twitter user @kokonananya tweets about two things: food and cats. This week, it looks like the food is all gone, because these adorable kittens are blowing up online!

▼ “I’m hoooome — oh, of course you’re sound asleep in there!”

[tweet align=center]

And it looks like @kokonananya has more than one kitty hogging all the foot-warming carpet. In the tweet below, you can see Tora on the left and Saba on the right. In the background is Tenten.

▼ You will never be as comfortable as these kittens.

[tweet align=center]

And here’s the tweet that started it all…

▼ “It’s getting cold, so I bought a heated carpet for my feet.”

[tweet align=center]

▼ A video of one kitten emerging from said heated carpet

[tweet align=center]

▼ Here are the kittens settled down for a nice afternoon nap.

[tweet align=center]

▼ Buy Internet insurance before watching, because this video will break everything!

[tweet align=center]

It turns out the only supplies you need to get through winter is a heated foot warmer and a pair of kittens. And maybe a “catatsu” too.

Sources/top image: Twitter/@kokonananya: 1 2