foot warmer

We dip our feet into a Japanese onsen…inside footbath boots

Whether you’re gaming, studying, or working from home, these ashiyu boots let you take the footbath with you wherever you go!

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New footbath boots bring the healing waters of a Japanese onsen to your home

Yes, you actually pour water into them.

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Mr. Sato meets a familiar friend in this electronics lucky bag from Akihabara 【Photos】

It’s not déjà vu, Mr. Sato; it’s just luck.

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Kittens sleeping in foot-warming hot carpets are too cute for words 【Pics & Videos】

As the man with the sword told us repeatedly, “Winter is coming.” And while some of us are happy to play in the snow, not everyone is so excited about the chilly weather. Some of us, in fact, would much prefer to stay inside and sleep in the kotatsu.

Or, if you happen to be an adorable kitten, you might prefer to just to hang out inside your human’s foot-warming heated carpet.

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