Depending on where you are, winters in Japan can be bitterly cold or actually rather temperate, but due to a general lack of insulation, it seems like most Japanese homes are always a little cold. But this general chilliness gave birth to that magical piece of furniture, the kotatsu. Basically a covered table with a heater attached, the kotatsu is often the centerpiece of a Japanese living room and a great way to get in some family time.

And with these new cat-themed kotatsu covers, cushions, and hoodies, it’ll be twice as difficult to pull yourself away from the kotatsu on a chilly winter morning!

▼ “I need your hoodie, your cushion, and your kotatsu.”


Kotatsu accessories abound in Japan, from kotatsu sofas to tall, dinner-table kotatsu, partly because everyone loves their kotatsu! The only thing better than a day at home drinking hot chocolate is a day at home drinking hot chocolate with your legs tucked under the kotatsu covers. But there is one way to top even that…

▼ Cat-themed kotatsu covers!


It won’t be long until the temperatures start to plummet and winter sets in, wrapping its chilly arms around us. Sure, the changing leaves are beautiful and the oden is delicious, but we just can’t seem to get warm enough. Thankfully, Felissimo Nekobu has all the accessories we need to get (and stay) cozy all winter. With this adorable cat hoodie and cat kotatsu cover, life will be just about purr-fect!

▼ “I’m too comfy to get up and smack you for that pun.”


So, what makes these items so awesome? Let us count the ways! First, as you can see in the photo above, the kotatsu cover has a cat face that doubles as a pocket for your remote control, magazines, and marshmallows.

Second, even the coldest winter day will start to feel warm and fuzzy when you see the little tail that on the back of the cover, opposite the sleepy-faced cat pocket. And you don’t even necessarily need to use the cover as a cover. It would work just as well as a regular blanket, so you could throw it on your bed whenever your kotatsu is sitting in storage!


Third, there are also incredibly fluffy cushions that goes with the cover — you know they’re fluffy because it’s in the name: “Fluffy-Fluffy Cat Cushions” sound exactly like what they are!

▼ So cute you’ll just want to hug them instead of sit on them!

▼ They even have adorable little tails!


In addition to these two amazing kotatsu accessories, there’s also a cat hoodie complete with a tail, cat ears, and little paw prints next to the thumb holes. Really, at this point, all you’re missing is a room full of cats to share the warmth with! And maybe a saucer of milk.


▼ Paw prints!


▼ Tails!


You can find all these items on Felissimo’s online store. The Fluffy-Fluffy Cat Kotatsu Cover can be found here for 5,280 yen (about US$44) each, the Fluffy-Fluffy Cat Cushions can be purchased here for 2,963 yen (around $25) each, and the cat hoodie is available here for 4,288 yen (roughly $36). It’s worth noting that these items are sold as collections — you’ll get one of the three colors (yellow, grey, and blue) each month for three months.

If you don’t want three of each of them, we bet they’d make amazing holiday presents for your cat loving friends! Though, then again, maybe you’d want to keep them for yourself and just rotate through the colors every day. Wouldn’t want any of them to get worn out after all!

Source: Felissimo Kraso, Nekobu (1, 2)
Top image: Nekobu
Source: Felissimo Kraso, Nekobu (1, 2)
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