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We recently took a look at the first photos of the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin stage musical cast in costume, and looking at the comments for that article, more than a few fans of the hit anime and manga franchise are wishing they see the show in person. But if a trip to the Takarazuka theater in Tokyo or Hyogo Prefecture doesn’t fit into your schedule, there’s still a way to get a taste of the all-female performing troupe’s live-action spectacle, as the theatre company has released a preview video of the cast showing off their fighting moves and crossing swords!

Takarazuka still has plenty of time to polish the production, as opening night for the Rurouni Kenshin musical is still over three months away. These talented actresses look ready to take the stage right now though.

While Takarazuka is made up of only women, its plays feature a mix of male and female characters. Takarazuka actresses taking on the role of men don’t just rely on makeup, hairstyling, and costuming to create the illusion, though. They’re also trained to move and stand in a masculine manner, and those skills are on display in this recently released preview video, as shared by our friends over at Anime News Network.

Introduced in the video are protagonist Himura Kenshin (played by Seina Sagiri), the “swordsman who fights to protect those he must”…

▼ And yes, Kenshin says “Oro?” in the video, right at the 1:28 mark.

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…leading lady Kamiya Kaoru (Miyu Sakihi)…

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…bellicose brawler Sagara Sanosuke (Dai Hosho)…

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Takeda Kanryu (Sho Ayanagi), who seems like he should be on a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms watch list due to his unbridled love of wine, cigars, and revolvers…

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…former Shinsengumi captain Saito Hajime (Sakina Ayakaze)…

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…the woman “drowning in sins and wrapped in mysteries,” Takani Megumi (Seshiro Daigo)…

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…and Shinomori Aoshi (Kanato Tsukishiro), who’s too cool for just one sword.

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Rounding out the central cast is original character Kano Sozaburo (Futo Nozomi), who’s being billed as competitor to Kenshin for Kaoru’s affections.

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Apparently the animosity between the two swordsmen runs deeper than mere romantic rivalry, too. Judging from the preview video, at some point in the play Kenshin and Sozaburo draw their blades to fight one another.

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This being just a preview, though, it doesn’t show us the conclusion of their duel. If this video has you dying to see more, tickets for the Takarazuka Rurouni Kenshin musical can be reserved online here.

Source: Anime News Network
Images: YouTube/TakarazukaRevueCompany