Believe it! Naruto live-action stage play returns, shows off huge new cast and costumes【Photos】

First new Live Spectacle Naruto production in four years adapts Pain’s Invasion, Five Kage arcs.

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Anime’s greatest pervert inspires all-female stage play in Japan with Takarazuka City Hunter

Wherever you find trouble and beautiful women, you can expect to find Ryo Saeba too.

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Batman stage show coming to Tokyo with Batman Ninja battling Joker daimyo

Live-action adaptation of Japanese-produced animated movie has an extremely ambitious performance schedule.

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Preview video of Sailor Moon’s stage musical for Paris shows Sailor Senshi in costume【Video】

Anime magical girl stage show features choreography from famous idol singer collaborator.

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First in-costume photo from Digimon live-action stage production released

First live-action adaptation of anime franchise to open in Tokyo this summer.

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Live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service stage play coming to London this winter, report claims

Sounds like the U.K. is getting its second Studio Ghibli anime-based stage production, and very soon.

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Cast of new Bleach rock musical appear as their anime-inspired characters for the first time

All-new cast steps into the role of Ichigo and his fellow Soul Reapers.

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Cast of this summer’s live-action Naruto stage play looks more awesome than ever in new photos

Full in-costume cast shown together for the first time.

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Classic anime Fushigi Yugi’s musical adaptation cast shown in costume for first time 【Photos】

If you’ve got a favorite series from the hit fantasy series, odds are he’s in the huge cast of this new stage version.

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Producers of Fairy Tail anime’s stage adaptation reveal five more in-costume actor photos

Lucy, Lyon among those ready for their close-ups.

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Japan’s all-female Takarazuka Revue to perform in U.S.A. this summer

New York engagement marks rare North American visit by musical acting troupe.

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Fairy Tail hero’s abs are as hot as his flames in first cast photo of anime’s upcoming stage play

The real-life Natsu is sporting fire magic and a six-pack.

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Kuroko’s Basketball stage play cast is ready for tip-off in the anime adaptation’s first photo

The premiere of the Kuroko’s Basketball stage play is still a few months away, but the producers are giving fans of sports anime and/or dreamy boys a sneak peek with the first in-costume cast photo.

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Nations-as-pretty-boys anime Hetalia’s live-action cast appears in costume 【Photos】

Next month, Hetalia, the anime and manga franchise featuring anthropomorphized nations and a hefty amount of homoerotic subtext, is getting its very own live-action musical adaptation, and the play’s producers have just released the first photos of the cast in costume as their respective nations.

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Can’t make it to the Rurouni Kenshin musical in Japan? Preview video gives a taste of the action

We recently took a look at the first photos of the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin stage musical cast in costume, and looking at the comments for that article, more than a few fans of the hit anime and manga franchise are wishing they see the show in person. But if a trip to the Takarazuka theater in Tokyo or Hyogo Prefecture doesn’t fit into your schedule, there’s still a way to get a taste of the all-female performing troupe’s live-action spectacle, as the theatre company has released a preview video of the cast showing off their fighting moves and crossing swords!

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Rurouni Kenshin comes to picture-perfect life as photos of stage musical’s cast are released

Adapting anime to live-action is an extremely difficult venture. It’s not impossible, though, and one of the few icons of Japanese animation to make the transition smoothly is Himura Kenshin, hero of samurai saga Rurouni Kenshin.

The swordsman with the scarred face and soul has three successful live-action films under his belt, and this winter Japan’s all-female Takarazuka stage troupe will be raising the curtain on its own Rurouni Kenshin musical. Opening night is still a ways off, but the first photos of the cast in costume have been revealed, and gender-flipped or not, it’s hard to imagine a closer likeness for Kenshin himself than Takarazuka’s.

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Ghost in the Shell in costume as producers reveal cast photos, reason for no DVD plans

The recent boom in live-action movie, TV, and stage adaptations of hit anime has to be a headache for producers. Most anime start out as manga, where the only limits on outlandish character and costume design is the imagination of the original artist, and we imagine it’s an exhaustive search to find real-life actors and actresses who look the part.

But Japan’s casting directors are proving themselves up to the challenge. Hot on the heels of the recently revealed Prison School TV drama come photos of the cast of the stage adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, and not only are there some uncanny resemblances, we now know why there won’t be a DVD or live streaming of the performance.

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Japan’s all-female Takarazuka theater has enlightened 31.5:1 female to male bathroom stall ratio

In Japan, you’ll sometimes find extremely classy restrooms in surprising places, like sparkling-clean highway rest stops. But does that same metric apply to locations that you would expect to have swanky bathroom facilities?

It does in the case of the Takarazuka Grand Theater, home of the famous all-female Takarazuka Revue, which not only has an opulent restroom waiting for its guests, but also an extremely enlightened ratio of male to female bathroom stalls.

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One Piece kabuki adaptation officially opens in Tokyo, cast photos begin to surface online

Even 18 years after its initial publication, One Piece continues to enjoy unprecedented popularity around the world, no doubt thanks to the grueling efforts of series’ creator Eiichiro Oda. Since July, fans have been waiting with bated breath after new details emerged regarding a kabuki stage version of the beloved franchise, but that wait is now over–October 7 marked the opening performance of the play, and we’ve finally been treated to some pictures of the cast!

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Seijiro Nakamura as Chris Redfield? Resident Evil stage play’s cast is entirely Japanese

I’m never really sure what I should call the zombie action series that began as a hit PlayStation game in 1996. Resident Evil, its internationally used name, is a lot more colorful than Biohazard, its Japanese one, but only the first of the many games takes place primarily in a home. What’s more, the source of the trouble is science run amok, not dark magic, so the “evil” part seems a touch melodramatic.

On the other hand, there are now five films in the franchise, with a sixth on the way, all of which are produced in English and usually come to Japan only after already premiering overseas, so score one point for Resident Evil.

But in the case of its upcoming stage adaptation, set to open in two months, I really think Biohazard is the most appropriate name, because it looks like every single member of the cast is Japanese.

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